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Poche parole per questo disco!Secondo me merita un ascolto pur non essendo sono delle song veramente belle, su tutte "Reichelsheilm" e "walk on my way" che fa un po il verso a "strange kind of a woman" dei purple e la jehtrotulleggiante "feelings" con un bel flauto pieno di sentimento...Che dire...Buon Ascolto!

rewiew by "The crack in the cosmic egg"

"Initially working under the name Karthago and with a repertoire of The Nice compositions, they changed radically when joined by the former Orange Peel and Nosferatu guitarist/vocalist Michael Winzkowski. Upon realising that another band called Karthago existed in Berlin, the name Epsilon was chosen instead. Typical of bands from Marburg (cf. Pell Mell, Frame, etc.) Epsilon drew heavily on classical music in an original and complex progressive rock, in a very different way to their British or Italian counterparts, especially so on side one of their debut, which blends in these classical influences in a very unusual and original manner, not least so a classical styled rendition of The Rolling Stones' "Paint It Black". It all amounts to an odd album that covers a lot of ground, yet is also excellent throughout. Subsequent releases moved onto hard-rock and blues realms, though MOVE ON was surprisingly good for a more mainstream song-based rock album, with some nice folky touches breaking the mood occasionally. And, even on the straight hard-rock EPSILON OFF they still retained the unique Epsilon sound with Winzkowski's unusual vocals. However, we suspect that the later singles are of no real interest!"

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