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Happy new Year!!! 

Anne Sarofeen - Love In  Woman's Heart (usa 1971 great hard blues)
Anne Sarofeen - Love In  Woman's Heart
Cavolo che bel disco! Quello che ci vuole per finire l'anno! I primi secondi sono devastanti per un ascoltatore distratto (veramente deludenti) ma poi scoppia tutta l'energia di un hard blues alla Mama Lion. Le canzoni hanno una forza veramente trascinante, sia sotto il profilo della melodia, sia sotto quello della potenza...veramente consigliato!

giovedì, dicembre 30, 2010

Big Foot - Big Foot (Usa brass rock 1969)

Big Foot - Big Foot

Essentially a very light weight horn/pop band, these guys try to sound a lot heavier than they are, often sending mixed signals. I am not a big fan of horns in my rock and roll, and except under unusual circumstances, their presence often spoils some otherwise decent rock for me. This album is not an exception - every time I feel as though I can start to get into a cut, the horns come blaring in to sour the mood. Too bad hi-fi's didn't include a button you could push, similar to the mono button, that you could use to remove the horns from the mix. Many of these tracks would be pretty decent without them. Grades - 5 B-'s, 3 C+'s, and 2 C's. My sources indicate this album was from 1969.
From RYM (Tymeshifter)

mercoledì, dicembre 29, 2010

West Coast Workshop - The Wizard of Oz and Other Trans Love Trips (1967 usa psych, exp prog)

West Coast Workshop - The Wizard of Oz and Other Trans Love Trips
A wonderful instrumental exploration along the lines of David Axelrod perhaps. Beautifully crafted and produced. Even though there are some references to various Oz melodies, there's nothing corny here. Instead it's a jazzy, arty, soundtrack feeling that's super cool. Highly recommended.
From RYM (spherule)

martedì, dicembre 28, 2010

Whistler - Ho-Hum (1971 psych-prog, Folk UK)

Whistler - Ho-Hum

Un buon disco proveniente dalla terra di risultato è un po' altalenante, ci sono buoni momenti (con una buona media se consideriamo la complessità del disco) ed altri un pochino più fiacchi. Il genere è un psych-progressive-folk con alcuni accenni al canterbury dei Caravan (che io amo!) purtroppo, oltre alle buone melodie manca sempre quel pizzico di sale che avrebbe reso unico l'album!

domenica, dicembre 26, 2010

Finjarn & Jensen - Finjarn & Jensen (Nor psych prog 1972)

Finjarn & Jensen - Finjarn & Jensen
Incredibly varied album by talented musicians somewhat ahead of their time, closing on progressive while retaining a strong sense of pop & humour.
From RYM (FuckRYM)

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Merry Xmas to you all! ;)

Resurrection Band - Awaiting Your Reply (1978 hard rock blues rock usa)
 Resurrection Band - Awaiting Your Reply

The Resurrection Band (aka Rez Band, Rez) began their lengthy career with the headbanging holiness of 1978's Awaiting Your Reply, delivering bluesy, crunchy hard rock sent straight from Heaven.  These long-haired bible thumpers from Chicago worship at the altar of heavy metal (primarily Led Zeppelin) just as much as God and seem to know that if you wanna get to heaven you gotta raise a little hell.  Gritty-voiced singer/rhythm guitarist Glenn Kaiser leads the group, joined occasionally on vocals by his wife Wendi, but lead guitarist/keyboardist Stu Heiss nearly steals the show with some hellacious fretwork throughout.  The monster riff of the awesome doom-laden title track combined with its female lead vocals suggest Black Sabbath crossed with Jefferson Airplane/Starship, an unlikely mixture of heaviness that works beyond belief.  Other killer highlights are "Lightshine", "Irish Garden", "Death of the Dying", "Waves", and the epic "Broken Promises".

From RYM (HellBentForLager) 

Blue Ash - No More, No Less (1973 usa rock)
 Blue Ash - No More, No Less

Blue Ash's 1973 debut, "No More, No Less", recently received its long-overdue debut CD release (Universal Special Markets B0011701-2, 2008 ***).  Their "Abracadabra (Have You Seen Her?)" is long since a stone cold classic in Power Pop annals, and not only because of the Records' excellent late '70s cover.  Just like fellow U.S. Power Poppers Raspberries and Big Star - to name only two - Ohio's Blue Ash were sadly out of sync (and fashion) in the early '70s pop landscape of over-the-top prog, pomp & circumstance.  Therefore their debut album, inspite of favourable all-around reviews, somehow missed its mark.  However, by a word-of-mouth its reputation has grown in stature over the years and this CD issue is soooo long-overdue that it borders on the ridiculous!  Nonetheless, its legendary status (ie "hype") somehow fails to live up to its reputation.  I like their 2CD Not Lame issue of demos and rarities from 2004 a lot more than this.  But, hey!, that's just me.  All the same this is a solid three-star release, and if you're a Power Pop enthusiast it does most certainly belong in your collection.
 From RYM (haj1909) 

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First Friday - First Friday (1969 hard blues)

First Friday - First Friday

Recorded in Sept, 1969, this So. Bend, Ind. band's only album starts out slow, with some good-timey, rural/country flavored rock, and some soft and lazy, southern rock style ballads, before ripping into some hard and fast blues rock, featuring blistering lead guitar, keyboards, and flute. Originally released on Webster's Last Word label in a limited pressing of 500 copies. Grades-1 A-, 3 B+'s, 2 B's, and 2 B-'s.
From RYM (tymeshifter)

sabato, dicembre 18, 2010

Blue Sun - Peace Be Unto You (prog - exp prog dan 1972)

 Blue Sun - Peace Be Unto You
Mmmm...secondo lavoro dei danesi blue sun...purtroppo paragonabile al precedente...intendiamoci, non che sia brutto, purtroppo la porzione "sperimentale" non rientra nelle categorie che preferisco...comunque i più affiatati con questo genere troveanno sicuramente pane per i loro denti!

giovedì, dicembre 16, 2010

Brahman - Brahman (1971 can psych rock prog)
Brahman - Brahman
Though fairly commercial overall, side 1 of this is quite good hard rock, while side 2 is comparatively dull, semi-commercial rock, with mild prog influences. This band supposedly includes 2 former members of the Vancouver psych outfit Papa Bear's Medicine Show. Grades - 1 B+, 1 B, 1 B-, 2 C+'s, 1 C, and a C-.
From rym (tymeshifter)

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Jasper wrath 1971 - jasper wrath (1971 psych with prog touches)
Jasper Wrath - Jasper Wrath

During their short recording career, Hamden, Connecticut's Jasper Wrath (Robert Gennette, Chris Hawke, Michael Soldan and Philip Stoltie - the limited liner notes don't provided a clue as to who played what), managed to release one instantly obscure 45 ('Did You Know That' b/w 'It's Up To You', Sunflower catalog number SNF 5003) and an equally rare 1971 album. That's unfortunate since their album's a largely undiscovered treat.
First off, we'll be honest and tell you this is one of those releases that didn't grab us the first time we listened to it. Occasional woodwinds made it a little too laidback and mellow for our tastes ... That said, having spun it a couple of times, it's become a personal favorite.
Signed by MGM's short-lived Sunflower subsidiary, the quartet's self-titled 1971 debut features an entertaining hybrid of commercial, lite-psychedelic and occasional progressive moves. Produced by Joey Levine (probably explaining the commercial edge), Jim Carroll and the band, "Jasper Wrath" wasn't exactly the year's most original offering. On the other hand, the collection was full of strong melodies (imagine Gentle Giant had they gone in a more mainstream direction, or America had they gone for a progressive sound), some wonderful harmony work ('Autumn') and more than it's share of tasty guitar ('Mysteries (You Can Find Out)'). Highlights included the rocker 'Did You Know That' and the extended, progressive workout 'Roland of Montevere'. (The album was originally released with a lyric insert. Yes, our copy has the insert.)
"Jasper Wrath" track listing:
(side 1)
1.) Look To the Sunrise (Jeff Cannata - Philip Stoltie) - 2:55
2.) Mysteries (You Can Find Out) (Jeff Cannata) - 3:50
3.) Autumn (Michael Soldan - Jeff Cannata) - 4:45
4.) Odyssey (Jeff Cannata - Philip Stoltie) - 7:10
(side 1)
1.) Did You Know That (Wrath - Joey Levine) - 2:55
2.) Drift Through Our Cloud (Wrath - Philip Stoltie) - 3:30
3.) Portrait: My Lady Angelina (Michael Soldan - Jeff Cannata) - 5:00
4.) Roland of Montevere (Giannotti - Michael Soldan - Jeff Cannata) - 9:50

martedì, dicembre 14, 2010

Jode - Jode (1971 usa classic rock)
 Jode - Jode

Sono un po' deluso da questo disco...ho sperato di aver tra le mani un'altra fortunata performance di un trio rock a la "Highway robbery" per intenderci invece i nostri sono sempre rimasti su un rock poco propenso a follie...peccato!

lunedì, dicembre 13, 2010

Broth - Broth (1970 psych prog U.K? U.S.A.?)
 Broth - Broth

The album was recorded in N.Y.C. in 1970. Judging from the back cover photo of the band sitting atop their "tour bus" in a downtown setting, and the multi-ethnicity of the members, I would be willing to bet that they were most likely from the NY area. The music is semi-commercial rock, with some fairly hard material, and featuring some horns and, occasionally, mild rural flavor. this is not a progressive masterpiece, as suggested in some reference sources. Grades - 2 B's, 3 B-'s, 3 C+'s, and 2 C-'s. The album was released in the UK, featuring an alt. cover, and also in Germany, with yet another cover.
From RYM (Tymeshifter user)

domenica, dicembre 12, 2010

Guillotine - Guillotine (1971 rare can psych prog)
Guillotine - Guillotine
This obscure '70s band mixes all kinds of influences like prog, jazz rock, psych, hard rock etc. Most of the time though it falls nicely into a kind of hyped up Janis Joplin style blues rock, and vocalist Carol Breval is a fine and interesting vocalist. Well worth checking out if you happen to stumble upon a copy.
from rym

sabato, dicembre 11, 2010

Fe - Fe (1972 arg hard rock)
Fe - Fe
Un buon disco di musica rock-hard rock direttamente dall'argentina...non ho giudizi particolarmente negativi ne particolarmente positivi...mi ha lasciato una buona impressione, diciamo una sensazione di un po' di tempo passato con della buona musica, tuttavia manca sempre il colpo da "killer" per rendere unico e speciale l'album.

venerdì, dicembre 10, 2010

Los Impala Impala Syndrome (great Heavy psych 1969)

Los Impala - Impala Syndrome

If I'm reading the above website correctly, this band is from Venezuela and evolved through various lineups from 1958 through the entire decade of the 60s.
The sound is often very similar to Cream, vocally and instrumentally, with some occasional muscular guitar/bass guitar/drumkit playing and some excellent riffs. In fact, "For a Small Fee" sounds like a Cream cover. In general, it's ordinary hippie jam rock without any jamming. The songs are all compact and commercially oriented, not much in the way of an acid rock edge and definitely more lightweight flower power sounding than Cream. Male vocals in English, excellent quality.
There's only a faint trace of native music; it's pretty much straight US/UK-derived rock with elements of R&B, soul, funk, and blues, just like Cream.
It's a solid album, about half mediocre and half excellent. I pulled off four tracks for comping: "Too Much Time", "Love Grows a Flower", "Let Them Try", and "New Love Time". The first three are truly outstanding gems, and the fourth is good enough to play again and represents the softer side of the band. "Let Them Try" is one of the most Creamy tracks on the album.


lunedì, dicembre 06, 2010

Chaplin Harness - Chaplin Harness (1970 psych prog)
Chaplin Harness - Chaplin Harness

Semi-commercial, progressive jam rock, featuring some 'luded out garage driven psych, and also with some lounge, jazz, and rural moves. The band hailed from south Jersey. Grades - 3 B+'s, 1 B, 4 B-'s, and 2 C+'s. This reissue came with an insert, and limited to 600p.
From RYM

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White Duck - In Season (1971 u.s. Soft rock)
White Duck - In Season

Pop/rock album, mainly notable for containing the first commercially released recordings of John Hiatt, as a member of White Duck.
It contains 2 songs written and sung by Hiatt, "You Caught Me Laughin' '' and "Sail Away". These songs are actually a lot better than I expected, and really make the album, which has become somewhat of a collector's item, worth seeking out for true Hiatt affecionados.

From RYM

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Harald Hedning - Harald Hedning (1973 v. good swe prog)
Harald Hedning - Harald Hedning

Good archival release! The band is skilled and the compositions are mostly varied and unpredictable. The music is hard prog, similar to Trettioåriga Kriget. Recommended!

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mercoledì, dicembre 01, 2010

Steel River - Weighin' Heavy'"(1970 can hard rock)
Steel River - Weighin' Heavy'

Steel River - A Better Road(1971)

Steel River - A Better Road

martedì, novembre 30, 2010

Bethlehem Asylum - Bethlehem Asylum (1971 usa psych)
Bethlehem Asylum - Bethlehem Asylum

A very bizarre album from a Georgia (?) band. Most of it is average Southern rock with blues touches, nothing special. But there’s a couple of long, extended tracks with Moog synthesizers and saxophone that seem to be mostly inspired by Soft Machine!  I don’t know if I’d recommend it per se—my own enjoyment of this particular disc is rather limited—but it sure is one oddball record!

This rarity is well worth finding, mostly for the great track that closes the disc. Otherwise, this album is pretty good but confusing;
it sounds like the work of two different bands.

From RYM

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Captain Marryat - Captain Marryat (1974 great uk heavy prog)
Captain Marryat - Captain Marryat

Musically it sounds like a mix of Uriah heep '72 and early Beggars Opera.
It's very tipical prog rock album of this era ('74), but the songs are very good.
So this album is mostly for prog rock fans, the casual listener should hear track nr. 1 - "Blindness" -its pure exelence.And the guitar solo on this track exelent- so primitive (for standarts of 1974), but so great at the same moment.

There are 2 lowpoints on this album:
1. The stole the main vocal line from Uraih Heep song Poets Justice (from 72 "Demons and wizards") and put it in one of their songs.
2.Many of the tracks sounds unfinished and with no details.
Overall -prog rock fans should grab this one

From RYM

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Carp - Carp (1970 rare usa xstian rural psych)
 Carp - Carp
Gary Busey was the singer, drummer, songwriter, and leader of Carp. The group sounded very much like The Who if Gary had joined them. It's very strongly performed by the group and tends to go the Xian path on a few track, thanks to Gary's religious lyrics. The album cover is very strange, it looks like the BACK of the album. The song titles are right there facing you. The artwork is also confusing and looks like random cutouts done by a young ROBERT POLLARD (GbV). Somehow and someway, the group didn't stick around long enough to do lp#2. They did get a very positive review in CREEM MAGAZINE but that was just one guy's opinion who got the lp free in the mail. The public didn't buy many copies I guess and the frontman headed to HOLLYWOOD! Switching to guitar and filming THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY!
from Rym

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Rain - The Sound of Rain (1972 usa melodic prog)
Rain - Rain
Another impressive Project 3 label recording. The production on this is soft and slick, but exactly what these songs needed, and not a detractor. There are hints of the Zombies and Beatles in the songwriting, yet with a more progressive feel. Keyboards dominate many of the melodies, and add great texture. The real highlights are the songwriting and vocals, which display great talent. Most of the lp's are said to have pressing flaws. A once obscure record that has been recently gaining momentum.

mercoledì, novembre 24, 2010

Trooper - Trooper (1975 can hard rock)
Trooper - Trooper

There's an undeniable suds 'n' thuds enthusiasm to Trooper that elevates the material beyond its basic hard boogie origins. Gotta give some credit to Randy Bachman, seated in the (hopefully reinforced) producer's chair, as there's a sunny but overriding heavy factor to the sound of album highlights like the easy-rollin' "General Hand Grenade," engine-revving drone of "I'm in Trouble Again" and cowbell workout "Don't Stop Me Now." In a jaw-dropping juxtaposition, Trooper's most sublime moment comes on "Roller Rink's" unlikely pairing of hard as nails proto-metal and roller skating. A focused, feel-good time from the boys.

martedì, novembre 23, 2010

Man Made - Man Made (1971 rare can prog)
Man Made - Man Made

Montreal-based Canadian progressive gem...side 1 includes only one long(19'54")track entitled "Mann Made" , which is very interesting,mixing progressive,classical and elctronic music with spooky and dreamy organ passages,acidy guitarleads,flute solos,harsh vocals...side 2 except "Keep On Moving" ,which utilises fast rhythms with horns and synthesizers contains more slow and melodic moments like "Country Company" and "Reflections" with a hypnotic mood... "Carnival" is a strong mid-tempo ballad,sounding like a combination of Tim Buckley and Tim Hardin, but with also harsh vocals...the cut called "Evolution" ,which is the album's highlight,features good rhythm and stunning lead guitar work with several similarities to Pink Floyd's music...
It's housed in great and funny sleeve artwork...

domenica, novembre 21, 2010

Sunblind lion - Observer (1976 Us Hard rock - heavy rock)
Ottimo disco questo dei Sunblind Lion: già dall'opener c'è da divertirsi con un bel riff tagliente poi nelle traccie successive il disco continua con il buon vigore mostrato nella parte iniziale portando degli spunti ottimi nelle canzoni seguenti.
Purtroppo poche info riguardo questo disco, infatti anche il fornitissimo RYM questa volta mi ha lasciato appiedato (questa cover che ho trovato su google dovrebbe essere solo un promo-poster) chi avesse alcune informazioni , lasci un commento che poi verrà pubblicato nella pagina principale!

This was the 1976 debut recording by Sunblind Lion, which displayed their knack for writing sophisticated album-oriented rock. The group was comprised of singer Keith Abler who was a member of both Love Society and Phase III. Additional Love Society members joining this band were guitarist Dave Steffen and lyricist (and drummer in waiting) Mike Dellger. Keyboardist Duane Abler and ex-Phase III drummer Dave Hassinger completed the lineup. Steffen's "Ride the Wind" leads off the album, a blue collar guitar rock piece that gives way to a progressive Duane Abler keyboard interlude and wraps up with a return to Steffen's nifty guitar work. This song with its rock meets prog tenor is typical of this recording. "Cat Eyes" and "Jamaican Holiday" were their two most popular songs but leaned heavier toward radio-friendly pop/rock. The remainder of the album contained excellent progressive rock that magnified all of the bands' strengths like Steffen's playing that could sound as much like Martin Barre as Steve Howe. The instrumental intro to "Spring Essence" sounds very Yes-like and frequently Steffen and Steve Olschesky's guitar and bass interplay sounds strikingly similar to that of early '70s Jethro Tull or Wishbone Ash. Singer Keith Abler's ability for writing intricate melodies coupled with Mike Dellger's lyrics made for an effective songwriting tandem. The three-part title track written by Abler with its instrumental and lyrical excellence and time signature changes should have been a prog lovers' dream.
~ Dave Sleger, All Music Guide

Un grazie a Mauri60!!

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Barry Hay - Only Parrots, Frogs and Angels (1972 holl v.good prog hard rock)

Barry Hay - Only Parrots, Frogs and Angels

Un buon disco, sopratutto nella prima parte con la canzone Xena...purtoppo non tutto l disco si mantine sugli stessi standard dell'introduzione e tende un po' a scemare nella sua parte finale, lasciando un filo annoiato l'ascoltatore...tuttavia ci sono buoni momenti, concedete un ascolto!

martedì, novembre 16, 2010

Raw Holly - Raw Holly (1971 rare rock psych)
 Raw Holly - Raw Holly
Disco strano: sono rimasto deluso dalla prima traccia (non mi piace il genere trooooopo lento, un po' troppo R&R per i miei gusti) ma devo dire che la situazione migliora dopo l'opener con ottimi spunti ed idee che passano via via su atmosfere psych, compresi passaggi hard rock! da ascoltare!

domenica, novembre 14, 2010

Victor Peraino's Kingdom Come - No Man's Land (1975 uk heavy psych prog)
Victor Peraino's Kingdom Come - No Man's Land
Davvero una bella sorpresa questo disco...un ottimo heavy prog con influssi psych ben marcati (se non sbaglio V. Peraino era il tastierista dei "Crazy world of A. Brown")...l'unica pecca, a mio avviso, la presenza di alcuni pezzi sperimentali che rovinano l'alchimia del disco. Nel complesso assolutamente consigliato!!


sabato, novembre 13, 2010

M.O.T.U.S - Machine of the Universal Space (1972 fra prog, jazz prog)

M.O.T.U.S - Machine of the Universal Space

Very good album. It's prog rock with jazz influences. In some tracks you can here strong infuences of early Caravan. Some guitar parts are in style of early Allan Holdsworth playing. On all LP we can hear great Hammond organ sounds in classic rock style. One of the tracks 'Out In The Open' has melody in style of Elton John' 'Country Comfort' track. Guitar and vocalist play before (with Mell Collins) in legendary Circus band. Highly Recommended.

venerdì, novembre 12, 2010

National Flag - Thank You & Goodnight(1976 uk superb heavy rock)
National Flag - Thank You & Goodnight
Che bel disco! che bel disco!un fantastico heavy rock a la Wishbone ash con un ottimo lavoro dei chitarristi, i quali intrecciano i loro assoli creando ottime trame musicali ed esplorando fino in fondo le variazioni armoniche tipiche dei più quotati w.a.!

Assolutamente consigliato!

giovedì, novembre 11, 2010

Le 25e Régiment - Ecology (1970 rare can soft psych)
Le 25e Régiment - Ecology
Un disco che mi ha lasciato un po' di amaro...melodie troppo soft per i miei gusti, tuttavia ho l'impressione che possano coinvolgere molti di voi!

martedì, novembre 09, 2010

Cry 3 - An Odyssey of the Spirit (1975 rare psych prog)
Cry 3 - An Odyssey of the Spirit
This is a strange one that actually shows up in one of the Hans Pokora books. While it isn't what I would call a 'must own' album, I'd like to know a little more about. Released by the Massachusetts-based Clear Light label, 1975's "Cry 3 An Odyssey of the Spirit" was apparently recorded as a soundtrack for a multi-media presentation. Judging by the pseudo-religious themes that prevail, I'm guessing that it was some sort of church sponsored program. From a personnel standpoint the set was kind of interesting in that it showcased a sort of nascent Christian super group with Mike Johnson having been a member of The Excursions, while Greg Volz played with the band Petra. Musically this wasn't half bad. Propelled by doom and gloom synthesizers and large church choirs the two Al Perez composed instrumental suites didn't do all that much for me ('First Trilogy' and 'Second Trilogy'). Some reviewers have labeled them as psychedelic, but in spite of the 'end of earth' synthesizers and over orchestration they really aren't. On the other hand, tracks like 'Meanings Will Change', a cover of Stephen Stills' 'Know You Got To Run' and '' were all tuneful in a Poco-ish country-rock fashion. The fact they soft peddled the religious sentiments certainly didn't hurt the album. Mind you not all of it was subtle - 'Reflections' and 'I Heard the Voice of Jesus' were both pretty cringe inducing. So ... call it pleasant and move on.

"Cry 3" track listing:
(side 1)
1.) First Trilogy (Al Perez -) - 5:05
i.) Creation (instrumental) - 2:50
ii.) The Serpent (instrumental) - 1:00
iii.) The Fall (instrumental)- 1:15
2.) Lost In a Dream (Gary Wright) - 5:11
3.) Know You Got To Run (Stephen Stills - John Hopkins) - 4:07
4.) Meanings Will Change (Bill Hughes) - 5:11
5.) Reflections (Keith Cradock - Cliff Richard) - 2:50

(side 2)
1.) Second Trilogy (Al Perez) - 8:12
i.) Incarnation (instrumental) - 8:12
ii.) Crucifixion (instrumental) - 3:17
iii.) Resurrection (instrumental) (Charles Lloyd Chittendon)
2.) I Heard the Voice of Jesus (traditional)
3.) Glory Glory (Art Reynolds) - 3:22
4.) Open Our Eyes (Bill Lumkins) -- 3:31


lunedì, novembre 08, 2010

Sea Dog - Sea Dog (1972 rare can psych. hard psych)
Sea Dog -  Sea Dog
Disco abbastanza raro, godibile all'ascolto anche se lascia un po' l'amaro in bocca per quello che avrebbe potuto regalare...Buon lavoro di Hammond ma poche tracce "killer", tuttavia merita un ascolto per la qualità di alcuni passaggi strumentali...peccato se il tutto fosse virato in chiave un filo più Hard sarebbe stato un buon colpo!

sabato, novembre 06, 2010

Randy California - Kapt. Kopter and the (Fabulous) Twirly Birds (1972 heavy psych rock)
Randy California - Kapt. Kopter and the (Fabulous) Twirly Birds
"Though fans of Wolfe, a.k.a. Randy California (the nick-name given him by Hendrix in order to differentiate from another Randy in his mid 60's band) are well familiar with the fact that he was a protege of the great Jimi Hendrix, many might have been left wondering when, if ever, Hendrix's influence would take effect. They were no longer wondering once he left Spirit to release this solo effort. Filled with heavy guitar driven psychedelic hard rock, Hendrix similarities abound, though I wouldn't go so far as to say it's a long lost Hendrix album, per se. But it should appeal to fans of the great one. Grades - 1 A-, 3 B+'s, 2 B's, a B-, and a C-, that last grade a totally out of place cover of Paul Simon's "Mother and Child Reunion" - what was he thinking? Original first issues came out on the yellow Epic label."
From RYM

"After too many arguments and lengthy bad vibrations Randy California decided to quit Spirit after the critically acclaimed Tweleve Dreams Of Dr. Sardonicus. Soon after quiting he had an accident and when he finally got his shit together recorded Kapt. Kopter And The (Fabulous) Twirly Birds album, something of a dedication to his old friend and mentor Jimi Hendrix. It's a very raw sounding album with a very live essence and Randy gathers Noel Redding (using the pseudonym Clit McTorius) and various other refugees to record this album. Rumour persists that Mitch Mitchell also beats the drums somewhere. California's step father Ed Cassidy, longtime Spirit drummer, also makes an experienced appearance. "Downer" is a prototype stoner rock song with sheets of distorted guitars, delayed and echoed vocals that give that twirly acid feeling and has that typical laid back Californian style all over it. Think Blue Cheer but with better riffs and superior delivery. "Devil" is even better. A classic track more laid back that most of the other material here with killer licks and excellent vocal melody with that stoned out quality that is par for the course of what is an acid trip entitled Kapt Kopter And The (Fabulous) Twirly Birds, very inspired. Influences ranging from James Brown and Simon And Garfunkel are evident but the Beatles more so with the rifftastic "Day Tripper", a song Hendrix used to cover in the days that Randy Wolfe played with with him before the Wolfe became California, and the more or less unsung Beatles track "Rain" which becomes an eight minute plus acid rock staple. Very unlike the original but this is a good thing. There is nothing worse than a band covering another artist's material and playing it note for note, making no mark what so ever and so cede a personal identity, trait. California adds his own dimension, idiosyncratic style and feeling to "Rain" as he does with the other cover songs. This is a great album slightly tarnished by the unfortunate production where at times the sound is very percussive and at other times a bit too low due to a lack of a decent mix, but the songs are genuinely good and mystifying. Recently this album has been given a CD release so perhaps it might even have been remastered? It would be worth it. Randy California was a genius among genius. But worthy of the title".
From RYM

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mercoledì, novembre 03, 2010

Síntesis - Síntesis (1976 - rare arg superb jazz rock)
Síntesis - Síntesis
Formed in Rosario (city 300Km North of Buenos Aires), this unknown group recorded an album in March 1976 -only in two days!
The LP features six instrumental tracks raging from progressive to symphonic, but mainly jazz-rock. The trio is joined by Sergio Polizzi (next Soluna and Bubu) on violin, Oscar Tissera on flute, Mariano Zarich and Chachi Ferreyra on saxes and Santiago Aldana on clarinet.
This monotonous album was released through a private pressing with an aptly drawn fold out cover. It was never reissued and is hard to get.

lunedì, novembre 01, 2010

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