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Daevid Allen!!!!!
Daevid Allen - Banana Moon 1971

Daevid Allen - Banana Moon

Out of all of Daevid Allen's solo albums, this is the most psychedelic one, and it should be if you at the time it was recorded ( Camambert Electrique Gong), joyfull and hippie as you'd expect, ful of great moves and catchy tunes, a playful ride, though not always easy to relate to.
Daevid Allen - Good Morning 1976

Daevid Allen - Good Morning

After leaving Gong, Daevid Allen moved to Majorca, an island chain off of Spain. Same area that Kevin Ayers resided in as well (and both were former Soft Machine members, so I wonder if Ayers had any reason for Allen's move?). Here he recruited a band called Euterpe to back him up on this album, Good Morning. To me, the album sounds like a more acoustic version of the Gong sound. His trademark glissando guitar sound is used here, like on the title track. Synthesizers pop up from time to time. "Wise Man In Your Heart" sounds the most like Gong and I could swear that it was Gong recording this cut, rather than Allen & Euterpe. The percussion and xylophones make me think Pierre Moerlen and Mireille Bauer had a hand in this piece. What I do know is Gilli Smyth lends a hand here at the end. Pretty cool spacy section that of course is not unlike what Gong had done. And what's even better is the occasional Pot Head Pixie reference here (the cover even features a Pot Head Pixie), which means he certainly didn't want to leave the Gong spirit behind. Although there's a couple of dorky songs I can live without, it's still recommended if you like Gong.

Daevid Allen - Now Is the Happiest Time of Your Life 1979

Daevid Allen - Now Is the Happiest Time of Your Life

think that in really good music the most important point is the feeling it makes to the listener, and from happiest time you can taste that (even how naive things he is singing) he is serious even when it's clear that it's just funny. album has quite bad sound quality, but it's a acoustic album so it makes it just more intimite and that's what this music is all about.
"why do we treat our selves like we do" was made for the fifth gong album, but the story really ended in you so it's now here.

venerdì, novembre 20, 2009 propongo questi 2 album di musica psych anche se personalmente non li ho apprezzati molto...sono abbastanza sperimentali ma devo dire che non hanno solleticato la mia attenzione...magari a voi dicono di più!
Twink - Think Pink (1970 psych)
Twink - Think Pink

An extrememly psychedelic album from the famous drummer of other psychedelic bands. Aided by Steve Took and members of Deviants and Tomorrow this album shows varied psychedelia at its best. The opener "Coming of Other One" is a rather boring song with chanting. "Mexican Grass War" is not very good, and suffers from too much psych noodling. "Rock n Roll the Joint"is a better, funkier instrumental with a good pounding rhythm section. "Suicide" is more acoustic and yet spacey at the same time. The best song is the acidic "Ten Thousand Words in a Cardboard Box" with some fantastic guitar courtesy of the Deviants lead man. The last two tracks, stronly influenced by Steve Took have some value, especially the extreme trippiness "The Sparrow is the Sign." Highly recommended for any psych fans.

Rustic Hinge - Replicas(1970 psych exp.)

lunedì, novembre 16, 2009

The Petards - Hitshock(superb1969 deu?- psych-vinyl rip)

The Petards - Hitshock

bellissimo disco di musica psych che credo provenga dalla germania anche se le info in mio possesso sono un po limitate(come al solito se qualcuno sa di più...faccia sapere!)stiamo davanti ad una perla dimenticata...ottimo sound con ritornelli molto incisivi (il cantato è in inglese) e degni di nota!il sound è a cavallo con quello 60 (ma propende agli standard 70!)Assolutamente consigliato!

Seatrain - Seatrain(1969-blues rock, jazz rock, progressive folk)

Seatrain - Seatrain

Non ho trovato molte info in giro per la rete ma per la verità non ho nemmeno avuto tanto tempo per trovate qualcosa voi è molto gradito!comunque l'album esprime al meglio tutti i generi che ha citato la recensione di rateyourmusic!!

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(1981 Good swiss prog)

Agamemnon - Part I & II

Album buono (non eccezionale) diviso in 2 parti (2 canzoni) che sono in realtà 2 lunghissime suite da circa 20 minuti...ovviamente all'interno ci sono dei "movimenti" ben precisi che rendono fluido il lavoro!!A voi!


sabato, novembre 07, 2009

Come mi succede da un po' di giorni...ho poco tempo per fare una analisi dettagliata degli album....unica nota sono tutti album molto belli con una matrice psych con riconoscibili influssi prog!(anche pre prog!) la palma dei migliori va ai Mendoza (ma non tutto è bello) e agli jungle (ottimi nelle ultime tracce!) voi!

Jungle - s/t (v.good psych prog)


Melissa Midnight trampoline (aus 1971 psych prog)

Mendoza - Mendoza (1971 psych prog)

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Psych prog!
Ancora una volta vi lascio direttamente ai dischi senza dilungarmi in spiegazioni inutili!vi basti sapere che sono album molto buoni e stanno a cavallo tra la più classica musica psych e un prog sempre incentrato su suoni psych...!a voi!
Sweet Smoke - Just a Poke(1970 us psych prog)

An excellent psychedelic progressive rock jam consisting of "Baby Night" & "Silly Sally". On this, Sweet Smoke's best release, the sound quality is superb and full of depth, revealing every instrument in bold isolated clarity, for an impressive live stage surround presence. This album is full driving rhythms and energy. It rocks! The awesome phasing during "Silly Sally's" latter drum solo is a killer aural treat. An enjoyable hippy jam session with excellent instrumental work that should be listened to outdoors at HIGH VOLUME on a sunny Summer day! RECOMMENDED!
Manar - Mánar(1971 iceland psych prog)


martedì, novembre 03, 2009

Hi folks...some french stuff...nothing superb (imho a litte bit boring...)but maybe someone like this stuff :)!

Vortex - Les cycles de Thanatos(1979 fusion avant prog)

Vortex - Les cycles de Thanatos

Aphelandra - Aphelandra(1976 prog avant prog)

Aphelandra - Aphelandra

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