sabato, agosto 28, 2010

Mandrill - Mandrill(1970 jazz prog funk)
Mandrill - Mandrill
This is a bright, explosive, progressive debut. The band does plenty of afro-cuban jams, but they also venture into jazz and do a prog-rock suite on the second side of the album. A great interesting debut, indeed....
Mandrill - Mandrill Is(1972)
Mandrill - Mandrill Is

Mandrill were part of the fusion movement of the early seventies - undervalued until this day. Though they recall other bands - Santana, Tower of Power, War come to mind - Mandrill did have their own unique way of blending the ingredients. On Mandrill is, their second album, there´s a Prog-Rock aspect adding to their Latin Funk core. Add some Jazz influences and a touch of psychedelica, and you have a rich, yet not over-spiced brew.

giovedì, agosto 26, 2010

Autosalvage - Autosalvage(1968 heavy psych)
Autosalvage - Autosalvage
Extremely metallic psychedelic classic that is very unusual and intriguing. I have a vinyl pressing that is extremely loud and far better than a CD issue I have heard. The sound is reminiscent of the crunching rhythm guitar / bass / drum sound of Revolver tracks like Taxman and Dr Robert with a dense web of counterpoint between tightly structured bass and electric guitar lines, a little reminiscent of Marquee Moon. The sound is quite fascinating and the dense counterpoint metallic approach is sustained throughout the album. The vocals are a weakness however - it is the tracks that really stand out as a tour de force of arranging structured guitar and bass parts. This is psychedelia but experimental and definitely of interest to fans of electric guitar and metallic sounds. Another fascinating one-album band and a personal favourite.
Hallelujah - Hallelujah Babe (1971 kraut-psych)

martedì, agosto 24, 2010

Opale - La DerniereToile du Maitre (fra prog 1981)
Opale - La DerniereToile du Maitre

Metamorfosis - Papallones i elefants (1982 prog)

domenica, agosto 22, 2010

Water!!!Great dutch prog!
Water - The Second Day(1975)
Water - Damburst(1976)

giovedì, agosto 19, 2010

mercoledì, agosto 11, 2010

Oggi vi propongo questi2album...non ho apprezzato i friedsound ma possono esser gustati dagli appassionati del genere!meglio i chimo che comunque non raggiungono vette inesplorate!
Friendsound - Joyride(1969exp psych)
Chimo - Chimo !(can psych1970)
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