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Albatross - A Breath of Fresh Air (australia blues rock1973)

Albatross - A Breath of Fresh Air

One of my friends send me this link...i've found only this info

Wonderful album of acoustic blues/surf music dominated by the guitar and voice of Lindsay Bjerre (formerly of Taman Shud). Nice use of flute, mandolin & bazoukie.

Link3 cover:

MC PHEE - MC PHEE (197x-heavy psych monster)

McPhee - McPhee

Vi sparo subito questa recensione che ho trovato qua e la sulla rete...

Questa oscura band Australiana (Sydney), ci offre un album di grande heavy progressive dominato da passaggi di tastiera, assoli di chitarra, e voce femminile. La band alterna brani originali a cover di famose stars quali Neil Young, Ritchie Havens, (Indian Rope Man, già riarrangiata da J.Driscoll & Brian Auger), Spooky Tooth, Beatles (I'm The Walrus) Fra gli originali, vale la pena segnalare i dieci minuti imperdibili di Out To Lunch, strumentale di impostazione Jazz.

Jefferson Airplane meets Nosferatu (the organ-drenched German one, not the goth band) just about sums up this Sydney outfit. Tonna-brick Hammond heaviosity, stunningly Slick female vocals, guitar heroics that impress rather than irritate - McPhee is the total package. Some wild covers here, including Richie Haven's "Indian Rope Man," Neil Young's "Southern Man," and an "I Am the Walrus" so seriously messed-up that it might give The Egg Man shivers.


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Fingletoad, Strange & Sího-F.S & S + Mazzola (1969-70 US Soft-psych)

Fingletoad Strange and Siho - Fingletoad And Strange (1969)/Mazzola (1970)


Lightning - Lightning(1969 psych)

Lightning - Lightning

Side 1:

1. Prelude To Opus IV (Caplan, Stanhope, Woodrich)

2. Hideaway (Stanhope, Woodrich)

3. When A Man Could Be Free (Stanhope, Caplan, Woodrich)

4. Madame Sunrise (Stanhope, Caplan, Woodrich)

Side 2

:1. 1930 (Caplan, Stanhope, Roberts)

2. Freedom (Is Life With Living) (Stanhope, Caplan, Roberts)

3. They've Got The Time (Woodrich-Stanhope)

4. (Ghost) Riders In The Sky (Edwin H. Morris ASCAP)

(many thanks chris!)


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again psych time....

I post di oggi riguardano ancora un po' di musica psych!roba molto carina;ho cercato di mettervi roba simile:gli ellie pop con i fingeltoad propongono un po' di musica soft-psych; sound un po' più duro per i framework (a limite con 1 heavy psych)...a voi!

Ellie Pop - Ellie Pop (1968)

Ellie Pop - Ellie Pop

Eponymous 1968 Mainstream label album is definitely a pop/psychedelic classic-in-waiting, whose time has perhaps finally
come; great songs right from the start, all oozing Beatles harmonics, with tracks such as 'Some Time Ago' and 'Caught In the Rain' especially thick with Beatles influence (thus explaining their appearance on the Pepperisms compilation); as with most Mainstream releases, there is precious little information on the band in the original LP notes, besides the fact that they were a quartet, with brothers S. and R. Dunn responsible for writing all tracks; this is really a wonderful set of catchy and commercial songs, not exactly psychedelic, with innovative edge-distorted guitars and odd time signatures that make every song worth hearing. Naturally the album vanished without a trace upon original release, followed soon by the band. Liner notes feature a few words from the band's guitarist, as well as some gig listings alongside some Michigan heavy-weights, leading one to think that the band were from that state.


Framework - Skeleton (1969 USA Psych)

Framework - Skeleton


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Vi volevo postare questo gruppo un po' strano ma con idee originali (certo non come i krautrockers) il genere proposto è un blus hard psych e chi più ne ha più ne metta!ascoltatelo e diteme i vostri commenti! i link sono 2 e contengono nel complesso tutti e 2 gli album!



Link p1:

LInk p2:

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Forgotten Jewel!!!
Rag I Ryggen-S/T (sweden-superb heavy prog 1975)

Scusate ma io amo questo disco! Un mix esplosivo tra Deep Purple ed Uriah Heep!con un tocco di prog che non guasta!sono veramente innamorato!é un gruppo sWedese(!)e ci sono canzoni in lingua (!!!)e in inglese...beh a mio modo di vederesono molto più belle le canzoni in svedese!Come intuirete le maggior parte delle canzoni hanno un organo pulsante che rende la miscela esplosiva!personalmente è bastato un ascolto per innamoramene, spero altrettanto per voi!Come altre volte, nessuna song da consigliare...forse la prima traccia "Det Kan Val Inte Pole Farligt "(non è colpa mia se sono prolissi!) la 3 ("Jan Banan") e la spettacolare ultima "Sanningsserum".Provare per credere! Sto cercando gruppi simili a questi, se avete consigli sono in ascolto!

review: (plz leave comments for this album!)

Rag I Ryggen's sound was in the vein of better known bands such as Uriah Heep, Deep Purple and early Black Sabbath, all circa early 70s. Their music has that driving bass and drum line, plenty of keyboards as both organ and synthesizers. Also of note and enjoyment is the use of two guitarists, providing some nice double solo work. The songs are split between English and Swedish lyrics. Spangaforsens Brus is an instrumental track that sounds like it may have its roots in folk music and reminds me a bit of the B-side of Mike Oldfield's "Tubular Bells" or Hergest Ridge in the guitar sound and overall compositional style. Both keyboard and guitar solos abound throughout. Naked Man uses flute in the intro before kicking in the heavy stuff and then reappearing in a Jethro Tull-ish solo toward the end. The last two tracks are live recordings, which remind me of why I was not a fan of live recordings back in the day; there's much distortion and poor sound quality. I'd have been happy with just the studio tracks.
Conclusion.If you enjoy the hard rock of the early '70s, (which is quite tame when compared to the hard rock of today) this could bring you some musical joy. Hammond Organ with a Leslie cabinet, wah-wah & fuzz-wah guitar effects: it's all here. The vocals are good, though to the native English speaker, the heavy Swedish accent can sound comical at times. The playing is good and something of a blast from the past from a band I never knew

(1975- sweden heavy prog)

Continuiamo sul filone swedese! questo è un ottimo disco con molte canzoni belle! mi piacciono le prime 3 traccie ("bitch"è quella che preferisco) in più c'è anche una ottima rivisitazione del Classico di Grieg "Hall of the mountan King" (che dovrebbe essere la 5 traccia che si chiama diversamente!). Una nota dolentissima la rec-fab che è la casa responsabile delle ristampa su cd ha fatto un lavoro pessimo e si sente un po' il fruscio del vinile anche se io ho rippato il disco da cd (originale!)

Sorry, i don't find any review about shaggy (fell free to send yours).. This is a very good work (heavy prog) I suggest the song "bitch" and the 5th track (it's a "cover" of grieg's "Hall Of The Mountan King"...revisited!) Highly Recommended!bye!


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FLAX - ONE (Nor Heavy Prog-1976)

Bellissimo disco di heavy prog di stampo scandinavo! La prog come intuirete è legata agli standard di un Hevy rock...mi sento di consigliarvi "Demon In Your Heart" la bellissima "Have You Seen My Friend" e la rockeggiante "Wanna Rock You"...all'interno ho messo delle info trovate in rete...buon divertimento!

Reissue of 1976 killer heavy progressive rock album from Norway that was originally on Vertigo. Loaded with mellotrons and superb guitar work this release is similar in places to bands like Weed, Gracious and Czar, the overall effect being epic and heavy yet retaining a melodic edge. A great album.


TITANIC -TITANIC (1970 Norway Heavy Prog)

Titanic - Titanic

Devo dire che ultimamente quel dei paesi nordici mi sta regalando parecchie soddisfazioni in ambito musicale!ottimo disco con molti spunti di musica heavy prog con hammond in primo piano ma anche con molte melodie ottime e armoniche!consiglio cldamente la prima song su tutte!(purtroppo il livello non è uniforme per tutte le song ma poco ci manca!)A voi!


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Great Society - Born To Be Burned - 1969

The Great Society - Born To Be Burned


Quatrain (great psych prog 1969)

Quatrain - Quatrain

Reissue on CD of one and only album by this USA psychrock band originally released on the collectable Tetragrammaton label in 1969"Geez, we really do try to learn about obscure bands, but here's another outfit that's a mystery to us ... So what do we know? One reference work says they were from L.A. We do know that with a line up consisting of drummer Jim Lekas, bassist Buff Lindsay, rhythm guitarist Eric Pease and lead guitarist Don Senneville, Quatrain were one of the first acts to get themselves signed by Bill Cosby's Tetragrammaton label.
Released in 1969, the cleverly-titled "Quatrain" teamed the band with David Briggs in the production/engineering role. With Lekas credited with the majority of the dozen songs (Lindsay and Senneville both contributing one effort), the collection offered up a decent mix of conventional hard rock ("Fragments" and "Early Morning Company") and modest psych-influenced numbers ("Unconquered Islands" and "Flowing Robes"). In spite of the fact the band lacked a truly distinctive lead singer (all five members sharing vocal duties), the shortcoming was somewhat compensated for via lots of tasty guitar (check out the meltdown rocker "Black Lily" and the introduction to "Canyon Woman" ... wonder why they faded the song out once the vocal track kicked in?). Interestingly, the standout tracks included the one outright psych number ("The Tree") and the LP's most atypical offering. "Fields of Love" would have made a dandy top-40 single. (The album was originally released with a gatefold cover.)


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Color - Color(1978Hun- v.good hard-art prog rok)

Color - Color

Mi piace la roba che viene dall'ungheria pur non essendo fenomenale...hanno un modo tutto loro per esprimere la progressive(ma va?!)Questo disco mi è piaciuto anche se non saprei quali song consigliarvi, il livello mi pare abbastanza uniforme...non tutto è eccelso ma da ascoltare!si hanno momenti più articolati, a volte sinfonici a volte molto più hard che nobilitano il tutto!a voi!
Skorpio - Kelj Fel(1975 hun heavy prog)

Skorpio - Kelj Fel

poche info su questo gruppo...come immaginerete gia dal nome siamo un po' più har dei connazionali color, con ottimo uso di chitarre e organo in chiave "Uriah heep" consigliato!

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Cynara - s/t (1967 psych)

The Third Power - Believe(usa 1971 psych)

The Third Power - Believe

Great psychedelic hard rock album, featuring soon to be Bob Seger member Drew Abbott on guitar. Link:

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sorry folks...i have some problems with my ISP (i don't have any internet connection at the moment) so i can't answer to your request or pubblish your comments...this is how things works here in Italy...i've prepared some new (and programmed) post so this blog will be active on posting till 15 Agoust...i hope to be back online soon...
bye!!! :)

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Aorta-Aorta(usa psych 1969)

Aorta - Aorta

A monster classic of 60s psych! Yes!
This jewel has some of the most creative studio production of the day, creating an album that flows from the beginning to end and has all kinds of glorious details popping in and out.
This album really has the whole package, from the sophisticated production blending killer organ and guitar sounds, horns, strings, etc to distinctive, great vocals and outstanding songwriting. There are no weak tracks here, and each one has some melodies or hooks or stinging, powerful instrumental ideas that suck me in. There are also at least two or three bona fide elite classic songs here, really memorable, catchy slices of genius that belong on any comprehensive "best of 60s psych" comp.
In the flow of the album, there are a number of fascinating departures from conventional pop song format, notably the opening track and its unforgettable "main vein" chorus.
The whole vibe of the album is really unusual, not something that fits in with any of the standard reference styles for the era. One minor reference point, however, is early Chicago and the bright, hard-rocking horn-pop sound. The blues-rock element is masked with Aorta though. Something of this general flavor is in parts of Food's classic Forever is a Dream too, and I'd bet most fans of Food would dig Aorta and vice versa, just on an abstract sensibility, not on any especially strong similarities.
Probably the primary feeling of the music comes from the organ. Stripping away the brilliant compositional and production maneuvers, This is slightly heavy, trippy, psychedelic organ prog-psych-pop with an exaggerated, dramatic vocal style atypical of psych bands. (Not to the extremes of Arcadium or Vanilla Fudge though!)
The prog element deserves special mention. This was 1969. I'd argue this was one of the earliest prog albums in history. It really has a lot of the prototypical features of prog despite the psych context.
A singular gem whose peaks don't approach the highest of the era, but which earns a privileged place in my 60s rock collection for its consistent excellence and evocative, unforgettable creativity.

Michael Anton Parker


Aorta - Aorta 2(1970 psych)

Aorta - Aorta 2

Okay, here I go being rebellious again, but I prefer this LP to Aorta's debut. More country and less psych. More pedestrian but less pretentious. The one common element between the two sets is superb keyboard work, as heard on "Little Bonnie". The album has several selections with Christian overtones, and it's interesting to speculate whether or not this was Jim Donlinger's penance for his substantial work on Coven's satanically-themed debut. The highlight of the set is "Devil, Maggot, and Son", which sounds like Rick Danko. Michael Been would later turn up in the Moby Grape offshoot Fine Wine,and The Call.

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Afterglow - Afterglow (1968 usa psych)

Afterglow - Afterglow

Recorded in 1966-67, this Oregon group's sole release is notable for two serious 60s pop classics ("Morning" and "Afternoon"), a 2:29 gem of farfisa, slide guitar, and vocal dementia worth snagging for a "freaky 60s" comp ("Susie's Gone"), and another outstanding pop cut only a step behind the two monsters ("Love"). As the remaining cuts are quite solid and satisfactory, it's an album that holds up well to a full play and repeat plays. The basic sound is dominated by thin, corny, effusive farfisa organ lines and fleshed out with electric guitar, bass guitar, and drumkit. The multi-part male vocals are very clean, pretty, and generic to the era. This 1995 reissue on Sundazed has four bonus cuts presenting alternative takes on some stronger numbers, including takes of "Morning" and "Afternoon" without vocals, which is a true pleasure and reveals how incredibly strong and catchy the tunes are even without their dreamy harmony vocals. It seems to be a reliable pleasure to hear high-rotation nuggets in vocal-less versions, expecting the vocals to come in at certain points and just vaguely hearing them in my head. I've had a similar experience with the Music Emporium reissue, which has cuts that go beyond the catchy pleasantries of Afterglow and into more profound realms of experimental pop.
Michael Anton Parker


Shadrack - Chameleon (1973 USA psych rock)

Shadrack Chameleon - Shadrack Chameleon

One of those "special" albums you'll either get and love or probably find as exciting as rice pudding. Very Neil Young/Crazy Horse vibe to the music, but there's a sort of garage-y desperation/enthusiasm thing going on. Very solid, simple songs and melodies with more straightforward folk elements here and there. "Granite Feast" is definitely tops. Much like the slightly similar Rayne this definitely could pass for late 80s/early 90s college rock.


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GOSPEL ACCORDING TO ZEUS(heavy psych rock)

Ho pazientato a lungo ma alla fine sono riuscito a comprare questo disco che vi posto immediatamente (era uscito fuori dalla produzione della akarma)ottimo lavoro e credo che gia la copertina vi ispireraà e vi dirà implicitamente che musica fanno i nostri tizi!!!!Lo stampo è il classico hard rock con un po di hammond!Unica nota che stona è la parte finale non eccellente come la prima (consigliatissime le prime 2 traccie!)a voi!


(1973-Folk- psych prog-vinyl rip)

Atmosfere molto soft e pacate per questo album (lo sapete comunque, non è lo stile che prediligo...)ma credo sia piuttosto raro da trovare come album! on ho particolari canzoni da consigliarvi ma un ascolto vale la penna darlo! Sorry i don't have any info about this ultra rare band!Write in comments if you know somethings!thank you! Thank you jan for this info!!!!Stay tuned with my'll find more gret album, trust me!this is a very rare privately pressed limited issue album of folk,progressive and electronic music.compilation of tracks recorded by various students at university of york,presumably as part of their music studies/thesis,wich is why there's so many different musical styles.


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