martedì, aprile 29, 2008

Lie Back and Enjoy It (1970 (hard rock/blues 1970)

Juicy Lucy - Lie Back and Enjoy It

Surprisingly excellent 1970 boogie rock album with as-good-as-it-gets sound quality. Bass, drums and guitar are all extremely strong. Its surprising this band wasn't more successful - the album only made UK 53. Mississippi Woman, Whiskey In The Jar and Willie the Pimp are the hot tracks here. My version has a much different track listing. Interesting to compare the huge fat sound here to the trebly weedy sound you get on many US albums by the Allman Brothers, Creedence and others around this time.


Juicy Lucy - Pieces (hard rock/blues 1972)

Juicy Lucy - Pieces


giovedì, aprile 24, 2008

Placebo (belgium prog jazz)
Placebo - Ball Of Eyes (1971)
Placebo - Ball Of Eyes

Placebo- balls of eye (1971)

Placebo - 1973 (1973)
Placebo - 1973

Placebo 1973

Placebo - Placebo 74 (1974)

venerdì, aprile 11, 2008

venerdì, aprile 04, 2008

Hi folks! how are you? i hope fine!
I would like to promote this band, Tempano, and their new album (flavoured with 70's sunds!)
they decide to distribute for free their stuff, i think to avoid some prehystoircdogmatic-idiots...
at (spanish-english) you can find all info and all catalougue of this great band! and below you can find the direct link to the album!

Surf to our friend tempano!
see ya!(...soon)
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