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vi posto ancora della roba tedesca!nel dettaglio il disco dei trice mice è un ottimo esempio del tipico krautsound mentre gli A.V. sono un gruppo che ha proposto un miscela folk molto godibile, discorso opposto per i walpurgis che hanno "menato"!sono un gruppo che si accosta molto di più ad un hard rock mescolato col prog piuttosto che col tipico krautsound(per la verità facendo un po' troppa confusione...)...a voi!

Aigues Vives - Water of Seasons (1970 krautfolk)

Aigues Vives - Water of Seasons

Thrice Mice - Thrice Mice(1970 kraut-prog)

Thrice Mice - Thrice Mice

This singular album by Hamburg based band THRICE MICE is a nice example of early Krautrock exhibiting influences by Blodwyn Pig and Curved Air, both bands they’re paying tribute to by cover versions added up on the CD re-release. After some local success and a gig on legendary Fehmarn festival in 1970 (where Jimi Hendrix gave his last concert) they disbanded in 1972 when Rainer von Gosen decided to leave. His brother Werner and Karl-Heinz Blumenberg continued their progressive jazz-rock style with the band ALTONA.
Thrice Mice which grew up from a beat school band originally presented here a quite noteable and for those days very unique blend of jazz elements, influences from classical themes and heavy rock using some technical sound effects that bring HAWKWIND into one’s mind. Although the four compositions are basically rather melodic and straightforward they’re highly enriched by improvising solos, intricate dual sax playing and use of big band-alike brass. The classically inspired "Vivaldi" was quite a big success for them when they played it live (can be heard as well on the CD release). Each one of the other three tracks is based on either a particular theme or story. "Jo Joe" is about someone’s idiosyncratic philosophy, “Pancy Desiree” is inspired by Joachim Ringelnatz’s novel "Fancy Desire" and "Torekov" is telling the very personal experiences of some band members with a Finnish girl on a camp tour in Sweden.
Overall this album is a quite unique and noteworthy one, certainly not to be considered essential but anyway good. Highly recommended to collectors of rare and obscure German progressive albums!

Walpurgis - Queen of Saba(1972-kraut-artrock)

Walpurgis - Queen of Saba


lunedì, ottobre 27, 2008

Crypto - Crypto (1975)
Crypto - Crypto

Mind you, I’ve given this a single listen, but I’m already in love. Stellar instrumental fusion effort with powerful guitar solos, highly innovative use of synths. For sure worth tracking down!


BZN - You're Welcome + g.h. gouwe ouwe (1978 holland psych)
BZN - You're Welcome

martedì, ottobre 21, 2008

Astral Navigations - Astral Navigations(1971 psych prog folk)

Astral Navigations - Astral Navigations
3 stars for the 1st half by Lightyears Away which is mostly generic early 70s acoustic psych-folk-rock,
but in a certain way nice too.
4,5 stars for the second half by Thundermother which is mostly awesome acid-prog-rock and the reason why you should definitely check Astral Navigations out.
The 6 Thundermother songs featured on this album could and should have formed a separate album, imo.
The 2003 reissue also includes 3 bonus tracks.
Wizard - The Original Wizard(1971superb usa psych)

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Thank you Fran Solo for both albums!!!


Size: 100 MB
Bitrate: 320 k
Cover in high resolution included

Audio CD (December 12, 1989)
Original Release Date: 1972
Label: Tara/Shanachie

1. Raggle Taggle Gypsy - Tabhair Dom Do Lamh 4:28
2. Arthur Mc Bride 2:52
3. Planxty Irwin 2:16
4. Sweet Thames Flow Softly 4:10
5. Junior Crehan's Favourite - Corney Is Coming 2:38
6. The West Coast Of Claire 5:34
7. The Jolly Beggar - Reel 4:23
8. Only Our Rivers 4:06
9. Si Bheag, Si Mhor 3:34
10. Follow Me Up To Carlow 2:20
11. Merrily Kissed The Quaker 2:41
12. The Blacksmith 4:09

Christy Moore - Vocals, guitar, bodhran.
Donal Lunny - bouzouki, blarge & guitar.
Andy Irvine - vocals, mandolin, mandola & bouzouki.
Liam O'Flynn - uilleann pipes & whistle.

Tri Yann:

Courtesy: Fran Solo
Size: 79.6 MB

Bitrate: 256 mp3

Cover in high resolution included

Tri Yann - La Découverte Ou L'ignorance 1976


- Jean-louis Jossic (chant, cromorne, bombarde, ...)
- Jean Chocun (chant, guitare acoustique et electrique, ...)
- Jean-paul Corbineau (chant, guitare acoustique, percus)
- Bernard Baudriller (chant, violon, violoncelle, ...)

1. Princes Qu'en Mains Tenez
2. Complainte Gallaise
3. La Botte D'asperges
4. Kiss The Children For Me Mary
5. La Jument De Michao
6. Mrs Mac Dermott
7. La Levée Des 300000 Hommes
8. Le Mariage Insolite De Marie La Bretonne
9. Dérobée De Guigamp
10. Quand La Bergère
11. Le Grand Valet
12. La Découverte Ou L'ignorance

sabato, ottobre 18, 2008

Ray Owen's Moon - Moon(1971 heavy psych)
Ray Owen's Moon - Moon
former singer with Juicy Lucy, Ray thought he was an incarnation of Jimi Hendrix, hence his version of 'Voodoo Chile' on the album. It's actually a very good album which deserved better recognition. Listen to '50 Years on'. The gigging band included a great bass player Keith Chilvers who was also a very hot customiser of cars. Juicy Lucy has re-formed but haven't seen them yet with Ray singing.

Crow - Crow by Crow(1970 hard rock)

giovedì, ottobre 16, 2008

Legend - Fröm the Fjörds (us 1979 heavy prog)

Legend - Fröm the Fjörds

this album isn't just timeless, it exists entirely outside of petty whims such as time and space. sure, we can point out the RUSH-isms, the CAPTAIN BEYOND-ations and the BUDGIE moves, and suggest that the angular, continually out-of-pocket instrumentation is indicative of the pomp and excess of the '70s, but this record, more than any other recording i can think of save for, yes, CAPTAIN BEYOND's ''s/t'', MERCYFUL FATE's ''don't break the oath'', MANILLA ROAD's ''crystal logic'', CIRITH UNGOL's ''king of the dead'' and SACRED BLADE's ''of the sun & moon'' has a transcendental, interstellar quality that, while bearing hallmarks of a bygone era, breaks free of any petty pigeonholing by virtue of its seamlessness, immaculateness, weightlessness and sheer strangeness. there is a continuity and flow here that is entirely CAPTAIN BEYOND, and like that album, it defies gravity as it floats mischievously from passage to passage, movement to movement, frayed ideas loosely connected by exquisite, flashy-but-refined chops and a poetic fluency that is breathtaking. add in the magnificent sword-and-sorcery lyrics, and you have something that predates the entire epic metal movement, yet towers majestically above it.

a remarkable achievement, a musical monolith, a staple in every heavy music collection. don't ignore it, few bands have achieved the degree of chemistry and artistry accomplished here...i have even grown to love ''r.a.r.z'' (LEGEND's unfortunate ''feeling free again'')

Brimstone - Paper Winged Dreams (usa prog 1973)
Brimstone - Paper Winged Dreams

mercoledì, ottobre 15, 2008

ISOTOPE!!!(1974-1976 hard jazz fusion)
Vi passo questi link per questo gruppo jazz hard fusion molto piacevole da sentire nonostante non si possa gridare al capolavoro...molto sottotono il 2 disco rispetto al 1 e al 3 che sono molto più divertenti... sono presi troppo sul serio!buona prova nel complesso!

Isotope - Isotope (1974)
Isotope - Illusion (1975)
Isotope - Deep End (1976)

martedì, ottobre 14, 2008

O Terço (great brazilian prog)!!!!
la proposta di oggi riguarda questo gruppo progressive brasiliano che a mio modesto avviso garantisce una grande qualità per le vostre orecchie!!!Concordo su una recensione che ho trovato; in certi passaggi emerge una anima "commerciale" (assolutamente non influente sulla qualità) ma in altri si assapora tutto lo spirito della progressive! a voi!

O Terço - Criaturas da Noite (1975)

O Terço - Criaturas da Noite


O Terço - Casa Encantada 1976

O Terço - Casa Encantada

This is a very nice album, bearing a rare sense of balance between a certain prog accent and a radio-friendly (in a non-loaded sense) appeal, which works well and has been aging in good shape. Cool, and getting cooler along the time.


lunedì, ottobre 13, 2008

Trader Horne - Morning Way(1970 superb folk psych)

Trader Horne - Morning Way

I was made aware of this album when a compilation of weird folk stuff had the track Morning Way.

seems like thats the most famous track (well, as famous as any of this) which is perhaps a little unrepresentative as its one of only tracks on this that Judy Dyble writes.
Fortunately thats not a problem, as the remainder of the tracks were by Jackie McAuley and are of an equally high standard.

what you get is an album essentially built around an acoustic folk base (though not in the "traditional" folk sense), with the wonderful duets of Dyble and McAuley - really, their vocals are one of the best combinations i've heard.
the songs vary in relation to the amount of weirdness, so on the one hand you get the droney The Mixed Up Kind which reminds me a lot of Wee Tam and The Big Huge era Incredible String Band or the dreamy title track, while on the other hand you get more straight forward songs like Jenny May or the poppy Sheena.

My only complaints are that i dont like Down And Out Blues or The Mutant (cant really tell you why, as i never listen to them. just never liked them), plus the single only track Here Comes The Rain should've replaced one of them.
but thats a minor quibble, as this really is a strong album. Its dreamy and childlike, but its also a little dark and oh those vocals........theyre heaven.

if you like weird late 60s/early 70s folk, then you NEED this album.

Agincourt - Fly Away(1970psych folk-prog)
Agincourt - Fly Away
This is a great album of folk-pop that uses mostly acoustic instruments, piano and very good vocals. "When I Awoke" is a softer, folky ballad with great male/female vocals and lyrics and a somewhat "haunting" sound. "Though I May Be Dreaming" has similar sounding vocals and features what sounds like an acoustic guitar, another stringed instrument possibly a harp, and a trace of flute. "Get Together" is a great pop song as is "Going Home." "Lisa" is a Beatle-esque piano ballad while "Through the Eyes of a Lifetime" is a great closing number.

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Tantra - Mistérios e Maravilhas (Port.prog 1977)

Tantra - Mistérios e Maravilhas

With the Roger Dean-esque art work, you know right away this is a prog album!
'Tantra' were always touted as being Portugals #1 progressive rock band.
With this album, I feel they rival many of the better known bands outside their country!
Their music is very well written, and the players are all exceptional.
The recording and mixing on the original vinyl LP were as good as any at that time, which really helps when your dealing with a symph/prog album, played by musicians of this caliber.
It's obvious these guys were influenced by Yes, Genesis, Gentle Giant ect, but they still manage to keep their sound fresh. Unlike so many other bands of that genre, who were basically clones of the aformentioned bands.
This is an excellent addition to any progressive rock collection!


Tantra - Holocausto (1978)

Tantra - Holocausto


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Abrial Stratageme Group - Mannderly (1977 fra hard rock prog)
Abrial Stratageme Group - Mannderly


Cheval Fou - Cheval Fou (1970-75 psych prog)

Cheval Fou - Cheval Fou

this album will be re-releases in the beginning of 2010!

lunedì, ottobre 06, 2008

Hi to all folks...sorry for delay and for my slow answer bur i'm very busy and i still continue to have some problems with blogger...i start to think to change in the future the services for bloggin'...p.s. i'll try to fix my older post very check it...and let me know whatever you want...

German Oak - German Oak (1972 kraut)

German Oak - German Oak
This is dark, brooding psych/krautrock. The whole thing is more or less a guitar jam with heavy effects and intense drumming. It is much better than most krautrock you'll find out there. The version with the bonus tracks is recommended.

There aren't really any bad tracks. My only complaint is that it is essentially just a guitar jam session. It's nothing too inventive, but it is well done.

German Oak - Niebelungenlied(1972)

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