martedì, settembre 29, 2009

Tír Na Nóg!!!(irl folk)
Un po di folk irlandese! ci sono canzoni molto buone altre un po' fini a se stesse ma comunque piacevoli da ascoltare!!!Comunque attenzione,non stiamo parlando di dreamin'folk!Quindi non aspettatevi roba alla Leopold (ormai mio chido fisso) ma un sano folk irlandese!!!
Tír Na Nóg - Tir na nOg

Tír Na Nóg - A Tear and a Smile+Strong in the Sun


domenica, settembre 27, 2009

Again French prog!!!

Ancora un po di progressive francese!per quanto riguarda questi dischi vi consiglio i Memoriance (Et Après) che fanno un genere di prog molto simile a quello che apprezzo con un buon uso delle tastiere con ritmi abbastanza avvolgenti e coinvolgenti...a voi!

Memoriance - Et après 1976


Zoo - I Shall Be Free(fra 1971 great prog-hard rock)

Zoo - I Shall Be Free

album molto buono dalla terra di Francia!purtroppo ogni tanto ci sono dei salti nel rippaggio ma non disturbano!stiamo a cavallo su un hard rock con espliciti richiami alla musica progressive (sopratutto nell'uso dei fiati) ...a voi!

Very good album from france...the audio quality is not the best you can have but is absolutly listenable! highlight "City breakdown"


venerdì, settembre 25, 2009

( 1970-acid-folk-psych)

Perry Leopold - Experiment in Metaphysics

Vi posto anche il primo lavoro del nostro eroe!non all'altezza del monumentale "Cristian lucifer"ma da avere anch'esso! Cold in philadelphia e absurd paranoin i pezzi migliori con il secondo che fa un filino da guida per una song dei sabbath che ancora non individuo!vabbè...!a voi!

Pretty excellent album from this sadly overlooked singer/songwriter who used to describe his music as "acid folk". Not only is their excellent and rather epic tunes like "Cold In Philadelphia", "The Absurd Paranoid", "The 35th Of May" and on and on, but also the man was quite the 6 string slinger. One of Gear Fabs greatest releases.

Experiment in Metaphysics is one of the rarest and most sought-after artifacts of the hippie era. Recorded live during a five-hour session in the basement of a shoe-repair shop in June of 1970, most of the 300 original copies of Experiment in Metaphysics were simply given away in one afternoon, yet, inexplicably, bootleg copies of the album later sprang up half-way around the world. The reason for the album's staying power is apparent: the music is gorgeous, first-rate progressive folk. In fact, Side Two of the original LP's label was given the title "Acid-Folk" (the other side was called "Kommercial"), probably one of the very first uses of that term. Perry Leopold creates a proto-gothic ambience full of dark and brooding imagery that is much less cartoonish than most of what passes as "acid," while maintaining that music's visceral punch. Like much of the youth countercultural scene of the times, Leopold can occasionally give into mystical pretentiousness. Experiment in Metaphysics has moments — namely the spoken-word monologue in the middle of the mostly stellar opening cut, "The Absurd Paranoid" — of philosophical meandering. Still, even those moments maintain a period charm. Experiment in Metaphysics is exquisitely intelligent and forward-looking. Leopold's mood is much more pious than most music that came out of the psychedelic era, and, indeed, extreme piety tends to be a product of youth, yet there is something aged and wise about Leopold's music. The "Kommercial" side, cryptically subtitled "SMOKE," is conceptually bleak, and after "The Absurd Paranoid," it takes on a much more palpable quality, grounded in experience ("Cold in Philadelphia" and the gorgeous "The 35th of May"). The "Acid-Folk" side (subtitled "DROP") opens with the stark, multi-part title track. Each of the three songs in this section is a virtual mini-suite, with the closing cut, "The U.S.S. Commercial," standing as the album's magnum opus. Experiment in Metaphysics shows some truly progressive and experimental songwriting, even for the time period. Each song, even the instrumental cuts, feels like a story, with beginnings and endings and all kinds of interesting ideas and storylines sandwiched in between. The album is a relic that has not lost one iota of its power




E'un capolavoro!davanti ad una birra questa estate un mio amico (ciao vale!te l'ho postato vedi??!?!) si lamentava di non riuscire a trovarlo...l'ho scovato un qualche città americana (credo la stessa della casa di registrazione Gear fab o come si chiama) è un disco stupendo e come dico nella descrizione nel titolo è un acid folk psych storia che si legge pure nel libretto mette in mostra come questa gemme ha rischiato di non vedere mai la luce(o gli scaffali dei record store!) visto che i nastri vennero persi tanto che il disco è stato pubblicato nel 1999 (e suonato nel 1973!...cosa che mi fa sperare per una stampa dell'album "GranicusII" dei Granicus!) Tutto il disco è impregato di una sorta di misticismo (come il titolo può indicare) che è fortemente presente in ogni nota...anche ad un ascolto distratto ci si accorge dell'aura che circonda questo disco già evidente nell'intro dell'opener "Sunday afternoon in.."e da come cambia la melodia nella passa ad una seconda gemma ("the windwill") e subito ad una terza "starewell"!unica nota dolente , secondo i mie gusto la 4 traccia che, pur molto godibile rovina un po' il ritmo delle prme 3 riprende con "the annunciation" con un ritornello che fa disco si chiude (purtroppo!!!)con la bellissima song "Vespers". Se volete un consiglio da me ascoltate subito questo capolavoro, che secondo me è uno dei 10 titoli più belli della mia discografia!Vi lascerà una stranissima sensazione addosso!bellissimo!

Although his incredibly rare first album, Experiment in Metaphysics, was a sensational and dynamic slice of progressive acid folk, Perry Leopold took a phenomenal leap forward on the follow-up, 1973's Christian Lucifer. (It is a small miracle that the recording ever saw the light of day, since the studio at which it was recorded was sold and then closed, and all the master tapes from the sessions were erased and used again, leaving only a few mixdown copies.) The songs on the first album, while all strong individually, didn't quite hold together, but Christian Lucifer is conceptually a whole, impossible to imagine as anything other than what it is. Leopold's melodies again shine like slowly uncovered gems. Complex melodic lines and protracted vocal melodies stretch and build ominously, like the sight of a wise, enigmatic monk concealed beneath a woolen cloak. The religious reference is not an empty simile. If the songs on his first album came across as parables or ancient narrative tales, then Christian Lucifer is a collection of hymns, prayers, and litanies conflicted with the dualities of life, full of metaphysical depth. Whereas the first album stuck to the folk basics, this second album was stunningly produced. Gorgeous layers of acoustic guitars, bass, clavinets, bassoons, recorders, oboes, cellos, tabla, MiniMoog, and explosive timpani and bells gave the album a rococo-styled grace and wispy beauty, invoking everything from medieval madrigals to Bach and Vivaldi to Middle Eastern musics to psychedelia and the Doors. And yet, it is none of those things. There are imprecise similarities to Nick Drake's oppressive but beautiful fragility, the theatrical majesty and scope of David Bowie (who is quoted at the beginning of "Serpentine Lane," a dystopian reply of sorts to "Space Oddity," with Leopold's deep voice infusing the music with the same alien quality), and the visionary mystical musings of Merrell Fankhauser and Jeff Cotton's cult band Mu. The foreboding keyboards of "The Windmill" are pulled directly from "Riders on the Storm," but the album is an entirely unique and novel amalgam. There is a Renaissance Fair feel, particularly in songs such as "Sunday Afternoon in the Garden of Delights" and "The Starewell," harsh and pretty at once, and intriguingly arcane. Leopold was, in fact, a troubadour in the truest sense of the word, singing his music for whoever would listen. Ultimately, the album is a very individual struggle with the duality that lies at its heart and is the crux of everything humanity is and does. Christian Lucifer is both terrestrial and ethereal, both tangible and transcendent. It is unquestionably Leopold's masterpiece, and one of the most artistic, intellectually mature, and haunting albums — released or not — of its era.


Perry Leopold - Christian Lucifer

martedì, settembre 22, 2009

Toe Fat I & II (Great hard rock)

Vi posto i due dischi dei toe fat che a mio avviso propongono una musica molto bella (anche se a mio giudizio le cover dei dischi fanno un bel po' cagare!!!)Non ricordo in quale misura, ma questo gruppo mi sa che ha qualche membro che è andato poi negli Uriah Heep (altra leggenda della musica!!)Non ho particolari canzoni da consigliarvi anche se tutto i due dischi passano piacevolmente...Buon ascolto!!

Toe Fat I(1970)

Toe Fat - Toe Fat

There's not a bad track to be found on this album. Starting at the beginning, the opening tracks (especially the first track: "That's my Love For You") are reminiscent of early Led Zeppelin, whereas the slide guitar used on "The Wherefores and the Whys" reminds me of The Allman Brothers Band and the tracks that follow all resemble the sound used on The Beatles' Seargent Pepper album (as far as the vocals go, at least). Even with the utilization of aspects from Led Zeppelin, The Allmans and The Beatles, the band ironically failed to make much of an impression in the world of United States popular music. Those of you who missed them in the sixties/seventies (as I did) are missing out on one of the best albums from the late psychedelic era


Toe Fat II(1971)

Toe Fat - Toe Fat Two

As on their first album, Toe Fat made the first track on the album the best (in this case "Stick Heat").


sabato, settembre 19, 2009

Salem Mass - Witch Burning (superb hard rock 1970)

Salem Mass - Witch Burning

Beh...guardate la copertina e penso che non avrete assolutamente bisogno di alcuna recensione!!!!Stiamo di fronte ad un ottimo esempio di heavy rock alla black sabbath con alcuni riferimenti alla tradizione deep purpluliana (con poco organo per la verità) tanto che sono riconoscibili sonorità comuni anche ai Warpig postati all'inizio!!!!a voi!

You would assume the group Salem Mass is from Massachusetts right? Wrong. In 1971 four young men from Sun Valley Idaho; Jim Klahr (keyboards), Mike Snead (lead guitar and vocals), Steve Towery (drums and vocals), and Matt Wilson (bass and vocals) decided that would be a good name for a group. I was attracted to them because of their name. I am from New York and I have a fascination with the time period in history when the persecution of innocent victims took place. I also happen to really enjoy most music that was made in the seventies. Psychedelic rock wasn't one genre I really knew anything about, as my time for really listening to music of my own choice was from the 60s,70s,80s and early 90s. In 1972, there was a shift to heavy metal and psychedelic rock was becoming a memory. All of this wonderful music has been a revelation of discovery for me every time I sit and listen to another group. The album starts off with the title track "Witch Burning." The lead vocals are high pitched and stunning, yet the music is powerful and subsequently sweeps that negative factor right under the table. I am not sure who handles vocals on what track because it's not indicated on the album liner notes or cover. That is the only song that lacks vocally, the rest of the album has strong vocals to match the far-reaching and authoritative music. "My Sweet Jane" follows and it put any doubt that I was feeling to rest quickly. I found it to be the best track on the entire album. This music sounds fresh even today. I noticed that the sound quality on a few tracks needed to be cleaned up some, as its muddied and uncharacteristically unclear for an Akarma reissue. This doesn't deter from the overall experience however. I felt that each song had merit and above all the music itself is imposing. Gear Fab Records and Akarma Records team up and do a fine job of reissuing this previously unheard of music. Why didn't this band release more albums. This band had SO MUCH talent at such a young age. They really knew how to play their instruments


mercoledì, settembre 16, 2009

Cai (very good spain Prog)!!!!
Ancora un po' di prog spagnolo...ottimo (forse più tendente alla sinf. prog...!)in molti passi un po più macchinoso in 2 disco è un bootleg ma si sente molto bene!a voi!
Cai - Noche Abierta(1980)

Cai - Noche Abierta

Cai - 1979 Cortijo De Los Rosales Bootleg1979

sorry no artcover!


lunedì, settembre 14, 2009

Great French prog!!!!
2 grandi gruppi con un nome simile ma dei quali non ho scovano nessuna info online (ma ammetto che nemmeno mi ci sono sprecato troppo, sto tutto il giorno a far calcoli e ho poco tempo...!) un saluto!

...More info needed!!!

Alpha du Centaure - Contact(1979)

Alpha du Centaure - Contact

Alpha Ralpha - Alpha Ralpha (1979)

Alpha Ralpha - Alpha Ralpha


venerdì, settembre 11, 2009

Audience!!!(Superb prog rock)
Audience - Audience(1969)
Audience - Audience
My favorite AUDIENCE!A great first album witch gives you one pearl after the other...wonderfull songs done in a unique manner,dynamic Rock tunes without any heavy Audience - Lunchguitar,remembers me always a little bit like minstrel-tunes mixed with Jazzrock-brass influence!Sugar - and an all time great!

Audience - Friend's Friend's Friend(1970)
Audience - Friend's Friend's Friend
Another Masterpiece of a extraordinary Band!!Including their 45"Hit" Belladonna Moonshine!But the best track for me is Friends,Friends,Friends witch shows Audience at their Best.Tunes of ancient Minstrel Times brought to Rock n Roll without any havy guitar nevertheless high Energy Folk Rock-I think everyone who likes the old Gabriel-Genesis stuff or Jethro Tull or Strawbs would like this Band; so if you don´t know this record you must try it immediatly,it will bring you some Pearls in your Amp you never forgett-Try!!!

Audience - Lunch(1972)
Audience - Lunch

This album is a hidden gem. Although House on the Hill is their most noted album (and in my opinion probably their best), Lunch has much to offer in a varierty of musical styles. These guys always have a touch of humour in their lyrics, and the lyrics are brilliant at times. Trombone Gulch is one such example, In Accord another. Add top notch musicianship to the mix and you have a delightful menu of music and fun.
My personal favourites: Stand By the Door, In Accord (awesome), Thunder and Lightning, Trombone Gulch, and Buy Me an Island.

domenica, settembre 06, 2009

Asgard - In the Realm of Asgard(1972-masterpiece psych prog)

Asgard - In the Realm of Asgard

Altro disco spettacolare che vi passo!mi è proprio piaciuto!è molto bello!!!!se avete apprezzato gli Homer e amate la musica psych in generale non doveto assolutamente perderlo!le song sono tutte di altissimo livello (1 highlights su tutti "in the realm of asgard")...non perdetelo!!!

Hi folks! this is a forgottem jem!don't miss it!if you like Homer ("grown in Usa") you sould love this album!!!great sound, great songs...!!!


(Good prog-1971)

Bigroup - Big Hammer

Vi posto questo disco che a mio modo di vedere non è malaccio anche se forse di poche "pretese" comunque un sound interessante! Questo dovrebbe essere l'unico disco della band che si sciole dopo l'incisione delle stesso album (se toppo fatemi sapere!)
Ah...l'artwork che ho incluso all'interno è diverso da quello che vedete in foto!


giovedì, settembre 03, 2009

Catfish - Get Down (Hard Detroit Bluesrock 1970)

Catfish - Get Down

Questo album è frutto di una richiesta...non lo amo particolarmente anche se c'è del buono. la musica proposta è una miscela di blues e hard rock (un po' più bluseggiante dei led zeppelin)non ho molto altor da dirvi quindi...a voi!

Catfish has been called an "American folk blues hero" and has been a mainstay on the American Blues music scene for three decades now! He has twenty four albums to his credit, comprised almost totally of original material. "Catfish Blues" and "Like A Big Dog Barkin’" on the Wildcat label, and "Eyewitness Blues" on Genes CD were released in 1994 and 1995. His first album of children’s songs "Adventures at Catfish Pond", on Music for Little People label was released in May of 1996. The album won the NAPA Golden Award as best children’s music of 1996. His 1998 release "Bare Necessities"(on Chicken Legs Music) finds him in a solo acoustic setting, with lowdown funky blues and soulful ballads. His 1999 release "Twenty Years" features performances from concerts and radio broadcast and includes the only version now available of "Boogie Man Gonna Git Ya", as well as other rare gems. His 2002 release "Let's Eat" is a best of collection of his best known food songs of which there are many! Both of his latest albums are available on Chicken Legs Music. All of his albums prior to the 1990's are hard to find except for the first Catfish Band album "Get Down", which Sony/Epic re-released in the mid 1990's, due to demand for it overseas.
Catfish found his calling early on. While growing up in Detroit, he was sneaking into Motown Records Hitsville studio to catch the Four tops and the Supremes and grooving to R&B and Blues while his contemporaries gravitated to the Beatles. In the late 1960’s he formed the Catfish Band and led them out of Detroit into national prominence.
By 1973 Catfish had settled into Washington, DC where he was packing them in at Desperado’s, Childe Harold and the Cellar Door with what the Washington City Paper describes as "his cheerfully muscular blues & rockin’ boogie". He made a few friends along the way too. He became a regular opener for Bonnie Raitt and Little Feat, who also started showing up on his recordings. When he formed the Chicken Legs Band in 1981, he was joined by Little Feat’s Paul Barrere, Richie Hayward, Kenny Gradney and Sam Clayton. Their final tour hit twenty one cities and sold out every one.By 1982 Catfish had headed west to California where he lived for the next 17 years. Along with Paul Barrere he formed the Bluesbusters in 1984. They recorded two albums for Landslide Records and toured for many years, until Little Feat was reformed in the late 1980’s.In 1999 Catfish founded the Hillbilly Funk Allstars with T Lavitz, Richie Hayward, Kenny Gradney, and Vassar Clements. Their first tour was well received, with great turn outs, will they ever tour again? He continues to work solo acoustic and with his new electric band in the mid-atlantic area, as well as festivals around the globe.Today Catfish Hodge lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, where he says "the air is fresh and the mountains are good for the healing of the soul." After thirty five years on the road and twenty four albums having been released, he is still electrifying music fans with his powerful and spiritual style of original music!


Mountain Bus - Sundance(1971 acid psych)

Mountain Bus - Sundance

Tremendous early 70's psych out of Chicago with an obvious Grateful Dead influence. Starts out strong and gets stronger, with some really high quality space jams towards the end of the record. This band's version of "I Know You Rider" is perhaps the best version I've ever heard, blowing away versions by The Dead and Hot Tuna. Gorgeous vocal harmonies and searing leads make this the standout cut for sure. It makes the hair on my arms stand up! This album was recently reissued on Gear Fab records in compact disc format, and it sounds really good. There are quite a few bonus live tracks tacked on to here that I could really do without, as the vocals are mixed way low and the whole thing has kind of a murky sound, but the proper studio album comes highly recommended.


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