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(1970-superb Heavy Psych)

Mendelbaum - Mendelbaum

Mi piacciono questi tizi!ottime canzoni, ottime chitarre ed ottimi fiati (anche se come detto non mi fanno impazzire personalemte!!!) un vero e proprio album da ascoltare con gusto e passione fino all'ultima traccia!a voi!(dimenticavo, il tutto impreziosito da un cd bonus conteente le traccie live del gruppo!)

a fantastic heavy San Francisco psych band. one of the many great releases from Shadocks Music.

Link 1:
Link 2:

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(1974 prog-blues-jazz)

Iguana - Iguana

buon disco!il fatto è che non so come diavolo classificarlo!credo che dall'altro possiamo dire che sia prog ma le impostazioni blues-jazz si sentono e pure parecchio!ditemi voi!

Solid blues/jazz rock from this outfit who then teamed up the following year with one of the finest singers ever to create the Jess Roden Band.


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(1969 Great folk)

Roy Harper - Folkjokeopus

che bel disco!!!ottimo folck alla maniera di bob dylan!ottimo!!! mi sono piaciute molte canzoni!in particolare ascoltate la 7 traccia e ditemi se non sembra Dylan!

This is one of my favourite roy albums. I love "sgt sunshine" and the sprawling "mcgoohan's blues" the best. It flows well from beginning to end. It's still a transitional album, but the experimental tracks ("composer of life"/"in the time of water") wear their influences on their sleeves (incredible string band predominantly) and thus seem the weakest songs here in hindsight. "mcgoohans blues" reminds me a little of al stewart's similarly lengthly "love chronicles" but while al didn't take the epic song concept any further, roy managed to make it work better in his context than many of the "progressive" acts that pursued the same ideas in the 70s. "all for one" is very similar to "blackpool" from roy's debut album. The guitar work here is freeflowing and ambitious. All in all a very fine effort, and a very listenable one.


sabato, dicembre 12, 2009

GNIDROLOG - LADY LAKE(1972-masterpiece prog album)

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Riposto un po di progressive (selezionata!)Ottimo disco, ben suonato con ottimi spunti, consiglio caldamente la track "i could never be a soldier" e la bellissima "Ship" ma per la verità anche il resto è molto buono (forse con un solo punto di stanca un una canzone troppo progressive per i mie title track)!Vivamente consigliato!

Superbly interesting second album from a welsh band, yet to be discovered by the vast majority of the proghead. This is a full blown blues-based prog with folk and jazz tinglings , with fairly aggressive ambiances (from VDGG, Flute from J Tull ) . T he voice reminds me of the sadly forgotten prog band named AUDIENCE ( who recorded four album between 69 & 72 for the Charisma label) , and the music is a cross of the above mentioned groups, Blodwyn Pig and KC and sometimes Gentle Giant.The saxes , flutes and cellos parts makes this album rather unusual and rather original IMO, and the art work is rather spooky an aspect also present at times in the music. There is also a newcomer in a second reed player and it increases the musical interplay within the band.Soldier is a real gem , the title track are immediate pleaser to an accomplished prog addict , Ship taking some time to win you over but one must be patient with Social Embarassment as the finale is probably one of the more violent and weirdest momemt on a prog album and it is the only number not to be sung by Goldring. The two shorter numbers are of the same superb standard, one of them having a piano , the only time you will hear KB in that band. The solid sound and ferocious singing may set back some people, but ultimately , this will satisfy the most demanding proghead. Start with this one as the debut is even more difficult, but just as loveable.


martedì, dicembre 08, 2009


O.P.M.C. - Amalgamation

Devo ringraziare il mio amico MIRI per avermi passato questa rarità! Un disco sconosciuto alle mie orecchie (e presumo a molti di voi!) che quindi potrà avere il giusto seguito di appassionati!
Come descritto brevemente dal titolo i nostri eroi suonano uno stile psych/folk molto bello, a tratti con forti venature blues!che dire...consigliatissimo!
Sto cercando il Disco "Piscen And capricorn" degli "O.p.m.c." se qualcuno lo avesse lo potrebbe uppare? Vi ringrazio Gia da adesso!!

Hi my friends! I would like to thanks my friend MIRI who send me this rare album! It's a duo folk-psych with some blues influences...raccomended!!!!
Ps i still find the first album of this duo ("Pisces And Capricorn")...If you have it please send me the link!thank you!!!


venerdì, dicembre 04, 2009

Sweetwater - Sweetwater (1968 great psych)

Sweetwater - Sweetwater

Ottimo disco che mischia numerosi stili anche se il fattor comune è quello psych.Molto piacevole l'ascolto, in certi momenti sembra chiaro il richiamo ai "jefferson airplane".Molto bello Ve lo consiglio!!!!

Most people forgot this band who opened the original Woodstock concert and that a few months later had to say goodbye to her singer that got his vocal chords hurt in a car accident. Their debut is a great hippie album. They mixed rock and psychedelic pop with some jazz influences and non traditional rock instruments as flutes and cellos with excellent results. Nansy Nevins was a great singer and she refreshed the songs with her vocals. The album has catchy tunes, intense and beautiful instrumentations, great bass lines and only a few low points caused by excessive experimentation. But the record holds together fine. "Motherless Child" and "In a Rainbow" are great and deserve to be 60's classics. Curiously the introduction of "In a Rainbow" sounds very much like some parts of Madonna's Beautiful Stranger. "Two Worlds" is another good song which is based on a pop melody and some 60's organs. "For Pete's Sake" is one of those 60's classic that no one knows the name of song or which band played it.
The most overlooked album of the 60's.


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Daevid Allen!!!!!
Daevid Allen - Banana Moon 1971

Daevid Allen - Banana Moon

Out of all of Daevid Allen's solo albums, this is the most psychedelic one, and it should be if you at the time it was recorded ( Camambert Electrique Gong), joyfull and hippie as you'd expect, ful of great moves and catchy tunes, a playful ride, though not always easy to relate to.
Daevid Allen - Good Morning 1976

Daevid Allen - Good Morning

After leaving Gong, Daevid Allen moved to Majorca, an island chain off of Spain. Same area that Kevin Ayers resided in as well (and both were former Soft Machine members, so I wonder if Ayers had any reason for Allen's move?). Here he recruited a band called Euterpe to back him up on this album, Good Morning. To me, the album sounds like a more acoustic version of the Gong sound. His trademark glissando guitar sound is used here, like on the title track. Synthesizers pop up from time to time. "Wise Man In Your Heart" sounds the most like Gong and I could swear that it was Gong recording this cut, rather than Allen & Euterpe. The percussion and xylophones make me think Pierre Moerlen and Mireille Bauer had a hand in this piece. What I do know is Gilli Smyth lends a hand here at the end. Pretty cool spacy section that of course is not unlike what Gong had done. And what's even better is the occasional Pot Head Pixie reference here (the cover even features a Pot Head Pixie), which means he certainly didn't want to leave the Gong spirit behind. Although there's a couple of dorky songs I can live without, it's still recommended if you like Gong.

Daevid Allen - Now Is the Happiest Time of Your Life 1979

Daevid Allen - Now Is the Happiest Time of Your Life

think that in really good music the most important point is the feeling it makes to the listener, and from happiest time you can taste that (even how naive things he is singing) he is serious even when it's clear that it's just funny. album has quite bad sound quality, but it's a acoustic album so it makes it just more intimite and that's what this music is all about.
"why do we treat our selves like we do" was made for the fifth gong album, but the story really ended in you so it's now here.

venerdì, novembre 20, 2009 propongo questi 2 album di musica psych anche se personalmente non li ho apprezzati molto...sono abbastanza sperimentali ma devo dire che non hanno solleticato la mia attenzione...magari a voi dicono di più!
Twink - Think Pink (1970 psych)
Twink - Think Pink

An extrememly psychedelic album from the famous drummer of other psychedelic bands. Aided by Steve Took and members of Deviants and Tomorrow this album shows varied psychedelia at its best. The opener "Coming of Other One" is a rather boring song with chanting. "Mexican Grass War" is not very good, and suffers from too much psych noodling. "Rock n Roll the Joint"is a better, funkier instrumental with a good pounding rhythm section. "Suicide" is more acoustic and yet spacey at the same time. The best song is the acidic "Ten Thousand Words in a Cardboard Box" with some fantastic guitar courtesy of the Deviants lead man. The last two tracks, stronly influenced by Steve Took have some value, especially the extreme trippiness "The Sparrow is the Sign." Highly recommended for any psych fans.

Rustic Hinge - Replicas(1970 psych exp.)

lunedì, novembre 16, 2009

The Petards - Hitshock(superb1969 deu?- psych-vinyl rip)

The Petards - Hitshock

bellissimo disco di musica psych che credo provenga dalla germania anche se le info in mio possesso sono un po limitate(come al solito se qualcuno sa di più...faccia sapere!)stiamo davanti ad una perla dimenticata...ottimo sound con ritornelli molto incisivi (il cantato è in inglese) e degni di nota!il sound è a cavallo con quello 60 (ma propende agli standard 70!)Assolutamente consigliato!

Seatrain - Seatrain(1969-blues rock, jazz rock, progressive folk)

Seatrain - Seatrain

Non ho trovato molte info in giro per la rete ma per la verità non ho nemmeno avuto tanto tempo per trovate qualcosa voi è molto gradito!comunque l'album esprime al meglio tutti i generi che ha citato la recensione di rateyourmusic!!

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(1981 Good swiss prog)

Agamemnon - Part I & II

Album buono (non eccezionale) diviso in 2 parti (2 canzoni) che sono in realtà 2 lunghissime suite da circa 20 minuti...ovviamente all'interno ci sono dei "movimenti" ben precisi che rendono fluido il lavoro!!A voi!


sabato, novembre 07, 2009

Come mi succede da un po' di giorni...ho poco tempo per fare una analisi dettagliata degli album....unica nota sono tutti album molto belli con una matrice psych con riconoscibili influssi prog!(anche pre prog!) la palma dei migliori va ai Mendoza (ma non tutto è bello) e agli jungle (ottimi nelle ultime tracce!) voi!

Jungle - s/t (v.good psych prog)


Melissa Midnight trampoline (aus 1971 psych prog)

Mendoza - Mendoza (1971 psych prog)

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Psych prog!
Ancora una volta vi lascio direttamente ai dischi senza dilungarmi in spiegazioni inutili!vi basti sapere che sono album molto buoni e stanno a cavallo tra la più classica musica psych e un prog sempre incentrato su suoni psych...!a voi!
Sweet Smoke - Just a Poke(1970 us psych prog)

An excellent psychedelic progressive rock jam consisting of "Baby Night" & "Silly Sally". On this, Sweet Smoke's best release, the sound quality is superb and full of depth, revealing every instrument in bold isolated clarity, for an impressive live stage surround presence. This album is full driving rhythms and energy. It rocks! The awesome phasing during "Silly Sally's" latter drum solo is a killer aural treat. An enjoyable hippy jam session with excellent instrumental work that should be listened to outdoors at HIGH VOLUME on a sunny Summer day! RECOMMENDED!
Manar - Mánar(1971 iceland psych prog)


martedì, novembre 03, 2009

Hi folks...some french stuff...nothing superb (imho a litte bit boring...)but maybe someone like this stuff :)!

Vortex - Les cycles de Thanatos(1979 fusion avant prog)

Vortex - Les cycles de Thanatos

Aphelandra - Aphelandra(1976 prog avant prog)

Aphelandra - Aphelandra


venerdì, ottobre 30, 2009

Dionysos (1970 can good prog rock)

Dionysos - Le Grand Jeu

Ottimo album di musica psych prog con cantato in francese (è rippato da vinile)!
nonostante la qualità audio non eccelsa si lascia ascoltare con ottimi spunti e un ottimo lavoro d'organo che non vi deluderà!
a voi!


martedì, ottobre 27, 2009

Ikarus-Ikarus (1971 masterpiece krautrock)

Ikarus - Ikarus

L'ho gia scritto nel titolo!E' un disco di krautrock /prog bello dall'inizio alla fine!Unico neo...sono solo 4 canzoni e penso sia l'unico disco della band!!!!A voi!

A classic teutonic German progressive rock fusion album in the same vein as Gila, Virus, 2066 & Then, Thirsty Moon or Os Mundi. The album contains four long tracks heavy on instrumental workouts and full of surprises. "The Raven" has a gloomy air, with quotes from Edgar Allan Poe. Jochen Petersen handles all manner of wind instruments amongst 5-other members who create a wonderful atmosphere utilizing organ, guitar, bass, drums and percussion in a uniquely spacious and dynamic style. It's a real shame as this self-titled LP was Ikarus' sole release. RECOMMENDED!


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Midnight Sun - Midnight Sun(1971 psych jazz prog)
Midnight Sun - Midnight Sun
This version of the album was released in 1970 – it's excellent refined changing tempo progressive jazz-rock with complex rhythms and expanded jazzy chords. The music was composed mainly by Bronsted and Hasselmann and the zen-buddhist lyrics were written by Andy Levin and Bisgaard. This album has an interesting history. In 1970, when the record was about to appear in shops, Lars Bisgaard left the group. He was replaced by Allan Mortensen (ex-Tears). Musicians made the decision to re-record the album. Some tracks were re-mastered with new vocal, some were re-recorded, two tracks; Nobody and B.M. (that were recorded on the original album as one composition) were split into two. The only new composition is Sippin’ Wine, written by Mortensen. The vinyl appeared with the same cover design – beautiful painting by Anne Marie Brauges. Soon after, the Canadian group Rainbow Band registered their name and the Danish band had to change it. Under a new name Midnight Sun, they released the same album again in different sleeve design by Roger Dean. Let’s try to compare both records. Certainly, they seem to be very similar, but the first one is more refined and tasteful. Bisgaard’s vocal is calm comparing to Mortensen’s more aggressive and jazzy, almost David Clayton Thomas style. The whole Midnight Sun’s version of the album has a feeling more like late 60s early 70s fusion/soul/jazz-rock, while still retaining a hard prog rock sound as well.

Midnight Sun - Walking Circles (1972)
Midnight Sun - Walking Circles

Midnight Sun - Midnight Dream (1974 )

Midnight Sun - Midnight Dream

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Alain Markusfeld - Le Son Tombe Du Ciel
(v. good 1971 fr-prog psych 1971) (vinyl rip)

Alain Markusfeld - Le Son Tombe Du Ciel

well an unkown artist...i have found only this info around the net...

French guitarist/multi-instrumentalist, very unique. His albums blend multi- layered acoustic guitars with fiery leads, piano, ethereal female voices, throbbing bass and percussion. His guitar style could be described as early Larry Coryell (acoustic) meets Randy California (electric) with a strong middle-eastern influence. Le Desert Noir is a heavier guitar album which features drums on almost every track, overall very hendrix influenced. With Platock, there is more maturity in his sound, combining delicate acoustic guitars and more piano to his trademark sound, with less reliance on drums. Contemporus attempts to continue in the same vein, but fails to reach the same energy level, except possibly on the sidelong "Contemporus" suite. Start with Platock, which most will agree is his best. First two releases are very rare.

... the track list...
1. Le Son Tombé Du Ciel
. L'Homme A La Tête Fêlée (a 9.34)
. Jubal (a 12.47)
2. La Durée N'Est Pas Le Temps
. Theleme (a 3.42)
. Eve (a 7.28)

Alain Markusfeld - Le désert noir(1977)

Alain Markusfeld - Le désert noir

This a little pearl of an album and i'm only sorry i can't give more stars. It mixes many different genres in a brilliant way and is nothing but a great listening experience from the first track to the last. jazz rock fusion folk thing ;-)


martedì, ottobre 20, 2009

Bosse "Blomman" Blombergh - Små knepiga låtar

(1977swe-hard blues soft prog)

Buon disco anche se un filo distante dai miei gusti...penso che questo tizio sia una sorta di cantautore blues rock (ma mi pare riduttivo definirlo così...dal mio punto di vista mi sembra abbastanza eclettico...)Buon disco ma non sono saltato sulla sedia nell'ascoltarlo!

Autumn Breeze - Höstbris (1979 swe-prog)

This album was posted first at the great blog "mysteryposter" but is no longer please surf on this great blog and leave a comment to thanks M.P.!


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Nordic sound!!!
Ragnarök - Fjärilar i magen(1979 superb swe prog)

Buonissimo disco ancora dalla svezia!mi è piaciuto nonostante alcuni momenti sono molto soft...quando si incazzano però si sente che hanno stoffa da vendere!assolutamente consigliato!
The first song "Adrenalin" is very heavy, sounds like King Crimson (73-74).
After that the album is very soft, much similar to their first album. Great!

Eik - Hríslan Og Straumurinn(1977 v good.icel-jazz prog)

Eik - Hríslan Og Straumurinn

buon disco progressive con moltissime influenza che vanno da accenni hard rock fino a standard jazz rock (chew vanno per la maggiore in questo disco)senza mai sconfinare in una fusion...forse maggiore "casino" sarebbe stato più efficace in certi passaggi ma c'è del buono!

Reissue on CD of rare progressive rock album by an Icelandic band.Exceptional good and original, a bit similar in style to "Camel" and "Greenslade" but with more tempo changes, occasional female harmony vocals and Gentle Giant like oddities. Complete with funky intermezzos with strange vocals, breaks, Spanish guitar,little folk excursions and lots of other surprises. Originally released in 1976 and a real find for the fans of 70's prog.


giovedì, ottobre 15, 2009

Back Door - Back Door (superb fusion-jaz-prog1972)

Very innovative, sort of like Ornette Coleman meets Delta Blues with some incredibly creative bass playing by one Colin Hodgkinson (who plays full chords and melodies in addition to grooving). Some of his playing pre-figures Victor Wooten by a couple decades almost.
Released by the band on the Blakey label in 1972 and then re-released by Warner
in 1973, this instrumental album is impressive from start to finish, and a veritable catalog of bass guitar technique. Asbery's funky sax and flute work leaves the bottom end completely open to the bass guitar, and Hodgkinson's use of strummed chords is ably backed by his bandmates on the squalling opener "Vienna Breakdown." The mel-low fon-kay bass solo, "Lieutenant Loose," makes effective use of ringing open strings, while "Slivadiv" is a fret-hammering delight. If you're a bassist, be forewarned: listening to this album is a deeply humbling experience.
AMG Review: Review by Paul Collins


Back Door - 8th Street Nites(1974)

Just brilliant, almost as good as the first lp (Back Door) and in some ways better. Colin Hodgkinson's very occasional vocals are a bit white-boy-blues, but you can tell he means well; in any event it is really an instrumental set, and both the playing and compositions are topnotch. Some of themes have been playing on my head-radio for over twenty years now - this is no flash in the pan here today gone tomorrow rubbish.
Get it, do. And get their much later sets ASKIN' THE WAY and HUMAN BED while you're about it. BACK DOOR were just great - one of my favorite bands of any genre.


lunedì, ottobre 12, 2009

Maelstrom-same (1973 good prog usa)

Maelstrom - Maelstrom

Altro disco rarissimo (per lo meno non mi pare di averlo mai visto in giro!!)Il genere è un prog a volte con intermezzi di fiati che pero' non sono predominanti nella complessità dell'album...Ci sono belle song (a me piace the Ballonist)...
Ascoltate tutto quanto, fidatevi di me!

Info in italiano...

Many Thanks to Pier e Jargon king (grazie!!!) per l'aiuto!

Really, one of the underrated American prog albums out there. How unimaginative mediocrities like Babylon and Easter Island can net all the rave reviews while jewels like this can languish in utter obscurity I’ll never understand.A blend of the usual Yes and Genesis influences, but this time with Canterbury-style influences gleaned from Caravan and Soft Machine. A dense yet sound with a variety of keyboard sounds plus woodwinds and tuned percussion make this a constant adventure to listen to. Vocals by Jeff McMullen are clear-toned yet expressive. The CD contains two bonus tracks from a later line-up, with a stronger jazzy influence and a little lighter on the sympho stuff.In all, an excellent release still waiting to be rediscovered. Recommended.
( )


Universe - Universe(1971 hard prog)

Universe - Universe

Stiamo davanti ad un buon disco, forse non eccelso ma decisamente sono intermezzi "duri" altri un po' più melodici tutto condito in chiave Prog anche se ancora siamo un po' lontani da un heavy prog "classico"!a voi l'ascolto!

Universe was an English band who went to Norway. Some way along their travels their van broke down in front of a music freak's house. The guy took the band in, fed them, and gave them shelter for the night. The band recorded a jam session as a private pressing for this guy. Colours found it and reissued the recording. Bery obscure sounding music.


venerdì, ottobre 09, 2009


posto questi 2 titoli come richiesta di Panos!il 1 è un hardrock/prog formato da 3 elementi...interessante direi, mentre il 2 è + marcatemente heavy-prog... consiglio si quest'ultimo la song "Circus"! ciao ciao!





mercoledì, ottobre 07, 2009

The Flock!!!(superb jazz prog)

The Flock - Dinosaur Swamps(1970)

The Flock - Dinosaur Swamps

This wonderful fusion of jazz-rock, americana and progressive simply "rocks" even if you don't particularly go for any of the genres.

The Flock - Inside Out(1975)

The Flock - Inside Out

This band from Chicago mix rather complex (and at times chaotic) progressive rock sound with funk and jazz influences for a mostly pretty good affair. The opening piece on each side is also the worst song, but tunes like "Back To You" and the stoner anthem "My OK Today"

lunedì, ottobre 05, 2009

Módulo 1000 - Não Fale Com Paredes (1971-v. good psych)

Módulo 1000 - Não Fale Com Paredes

Un buon disco proveninte dal brasile (se non erro)con molte influenze ma si riconosce distintamente una marcata matrice psych ma nella parte centrale dell'album si ha una tendanza ad un sound più oscuro a mo' dei sabbath (pur essendo stili diversi)Le recensioni che ho letto sono tutte piene di elogi, per me un po immeritati ma ditemi voi!


Casa das Máquinas - Casa das Máquinas (1974)

Casa das Máquinas - Casa das Máquinas

Casa das Máquinas was one of the most important '70s rock bands in Brazil. The group was formed by some former-members of Os Incríveis and sounded less commercial and more modern than the older band.

On their first record, “Casa das Máquinas”, the band followed the standards of the genre we know as hard rock. On the following one, “Lar de Maravilhas”, they adopted a softer style and that work was considered to be one of the best records of the sort in the country. On their third and last studio recording, “Casa de Rock”, the musicians re-adopted their original style, priorizing basic rock. In 1978, the live album Ao Vivo: Abril 1978 Santos was released and that became the last official recording of the group.

sabato, ottobre 03, 2009

Dave Bixby - Ode to Quetzalcoatl(1969)

A somewhat deranged private pressing record about a man who falls in the depths of drug abuse, and finds his way to the light through Jesus and god.
Beautiful guitar playing, and some trippie lyrics, that is truely one for the ages.

Rex Holman - Here in the Land of Victory
(1970 v.good dreaming folk)

Un buon disco, davvero carino anche se , lasciatemelo dire, faccio fatica ad apprezzare fino in fondo, non dopo aver ascoltato P.Leopold!questo disco ci prova a riproporre quelle melodie ma in mia modesta opinione sto sotto al capolavoro "Cristian lucifer" di Leopold...da ascoltar comunque!


Rick Saucedo Heaven Was Blue (1978 dreaming psych)

mmm...nonostante le ottime recensioni che ho letto questo disco mi convince a metà...ho apprezzato moltissimi album "onirici" ma questo convince solo a tratti e rimane abbastanza lontano da quello che ritengo un capolavoro (cristian Lucifer di leopold)
ma non fraintendetemi,ci sono molte cose da sentire!!!

Big, and sadly still pretty unknown, is this awesome album by Rick Saucedo, his debut album that was originally released in 1978 on the Reality label in the USA. Most of the tracks here are absolutely exceptional, including the number that gives the title to the album and takes the full B-side of the original vinyl. Loner psychedelic, melodic, dreamy most of the time, but also featuring the ferocious fuzz-rocker
'Ka Mon We're Gonna Rock All Night Long.' If you like Michael Angelo, Joe Peace or Bob Trimble, don't let this one pass by!


giovedì, ottobre 01, 2009

Byzantium - Byzantium(1972 heavy psych)
I saw BYZANTIUM live at Newcastle City Hall in the early 70s as a support band for Rory Gallaghger, musically I had never heard anything like it, from the blistering guitar work of "What is Happenning" to the beautifully melodic "Trade Winds".


Byzantium-live&studio (uk-1972 heavy psych prog)

Bel disco questo dei Byzantium!mi è piaciuto,nonostante sia una sorta di ibrido tra le sonorità prog/psych senza tralasciare una sorta di heavy rock con un guitar work piuttosto duro!Ottimi riff e "assolo" particolarmenteveloci e carichi...da ascoltare

A very good album with some great tracks. laid back liquid guitar and exceptional clear and well produced music. well worth a listen.


Byzantium - Seasons Changing(1972)

martedì, settembre 29, 2009

Tír Na Nóg!!!(irl folk)
Un po di folk irlandese! ci sono canzoni molto buone altre un po' fini a se stesse ma comunque piacevoli da ascoltare!!!Comunque attenzione,non stiamo parlando di dreamin'folk!Quindi non aspettatevi roba alla Leopold (ormai mio chido fisso) ma un sano folk irlandese!!!
Tír Na Nóg - Tir na nOg

Tír Na Nóg - A Tear and a Smile+Strong in the Sun

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