lunedì, marzo 28, 2011

Octavian - Simple Kinda People (75 usa southern-hard rock)

Octavian - Simple Kinda People

great only album by canadian band with bad stylist and bad moustaches. the single "good feeling (to know)" is undeniably very catchy. "i've got a good feeling, just reach out and i'll give it to you."

they've got a southern rock style with kickass guitar riffs, punchy drums and occasionally over the top orchestration to boot.

'desperate man', 'sun in your eyes' and 'trouble' are also pretty awesome could-have-been hits with great melodies.
if you're a canadian thrift store buyer you'll probably eventually run into this little gem and i suggest you get it if you want catchy seventies rock/pop without the guilt.
From RYM (samheaton)

domenica, marzo 27, 2011

Last Straw - Alone on a Stone(73-76 uk hard rock prog)

Last Straw - Alone on a Stone

A collection of previously unreleased mat'l by this Isle of Wight band, consisting of studio tracks recorded from 1973~6, and 2 live cuts. It's fairly hard prog rock, mixed with some semi-commercial hard rock, and featuring some use of synthesizers. Nine tracks, graded - 2 B+'s, 4 B's, and 3 B-'s, quite consistent!. Of course, there is no booklet with this, it's put out by Kissing Spell! You're lucky to get a 1 paragraph blurb on the back that tells you all you're going to get, info-wise.
From RYM (tymeshifter)

sabato, marzo 26, 2011

Philamore Lincoln - The North Wind Blew South(1970 us/uk psych sym-psych)

Philamore Lincoln - The North Wind Blew South

Often badmouthed and always considered as a minor piece of music for some reason - I actually think that it's not far from being a great record.
The annoying, filler material is only represented by a couple of tracks (at the end of the album), and pretty much everything else here is good.
The opening track has those sweeping, majestic strings and vocals on par with anything from the golden ear of Baroque Pop. Track 4 "Early Sherwood" has a child-like, melancholy playfulness that reminds me of Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd, "Temma Harbour" is a great little pop song...
I mean, there are far worse albums from the 60's out there - I actually think that it's better than certain overrated records like Dana Gillespie's "Foolish seasons" for instance - so I really don't know what doesn't go down well with people here.
It is fresh, it is varied, it has period flavor - good stuff to my ears.
From RYM (horus in monoxyde)

venerdì, marzo 25, 2011

Raik's Progress - Sewer Rat Love Chant(greas us garage psych 1966)

Raik's Progress - Sewer Rat Love Chant


giovedì, marzo 24, 2011

The Gainsborough Gallery - Life Is a Song (1969 can psych)

The Gainsborough Gallery - Life Is a Song

Though I think a few tracks offered here are pretty good, overall, the album is weak, and characterized by poor song writing. Good pop music is heavily dependent on a catchy melody, and this record doesn't deliver. Grades - 4 B-'s, 4 C+'s, 2 C's, and 2 C-'s.
From RYM (tymeshifter)

mercoledì, marzo 23, 2011

Elmira - Lady of the Mountain (1972/74 Dan prog hard prog)

Elmira - Lady of the Mountain

Recorded 1972-1975, but only released for the first time on vinyl in the early 2000s by Orpheus Records, this is underground Danish heavy psych rock with good organ parts.
From RYM (levgan)

martedì, marzo 22, 2011

Colwell-Winfield Blues Band - Cold Wind Blues (1970 hard blus brass)

Colwell-Winfield Blues Band - Cold Wind Blues

Why hasnt anyone reviewed this album yet???? This is a fairly solid blues rock album with a jazzy vibe. There are some good songs on this album these guys do the best version of the song I Got A Mind To Give Up Living other good songs are
Cold Wind Blues & Dead End Street. The album also features some nice saxaphone work as well the music here is not heavy blues rock in the vein of Free & Led Zeppelin it's a little lighter but very good. If you like bands like John Mayall's Bluesbreakers and early Fleetwood Mac give this a shot.
From RYM (rockyg)

sabato, marzo 19, 2011

Forever More - Yours+Words on Black Plastic (70/71 rock prog

Forever More - Yours

This one seems to be all over the place, a veritable testament to diversity. Included are elements of country, folk, and jazz, among others, and featuring some judicious use of horns and strings. I was somewhat reminded of the British group Family, minus the bleating vocals. Certainly not the most consistent release out there, but it has it's moments. Grades - 2 B's, 4 B-'s, 2 C+'s, 1 C, and a C-. Though released in 1970, this was most likely recorded late in '69, as their follow-up was recorded in the spring of '70.
From RYM (tymeshifter)

Forever More - Words on Black Plastic

Incredible, eclectic music which, like its predecessor, "Yours", is familiar yet almost otherworldly, incorporating so many existing elements that it creates a whole other universe. Both albums, which came and went to the cut-out bins, were not promoted in America by RCA, so I'm not even sure why the 2nd album was released, but in their own ways, these two records may as well have been Forever More's "Rubber Soul" and "Revolver". Musically, they used every instrument they seemed to be able to get their hands on , (even a Jews harp), and had shades of jazz, folk, country, psychedelic guitar music, and seemed like a little Beatles, a little Family, a little Traffic, a fair amount of Scotland, (where they hailed from), all mixed into something that was everything, (to me), that music should be. No one who likes music should be less than impressed with either record. (Good luck finding them!!)
From RYM (scottschenkel)

venerdì, marzo 18, 2011

Morning Glory - Two Suns Worth (68 uk psych)

Morning Glory - Two Suns Worth

Why yes, this record is in fact as amazing as the cover would suggest. Released on the Fontana label in late 1968, Two Suns Worth is a great example of the tail end of the 'classic' psychedelia era. The warm, rich production is courtesy of John Cale, who makes the groooovy organs fairly loud in the mix, but the guitars are nice and up there too at times. Although there are a handful of weak tracks to be found on here, the good ones are really good, and more than make up for the clunkers. The pinnacle is easily "Jelly Gas Flame" a witchy campfire chant that gets spookier and more trippy with each passing second. It's waaay sinister in a Manson girls way, and quite disturbing if listened to at the beginning of an armchair excursion. This shit defines the psych, dude, in a way that just doesn't happen any more. Well worth the cash at a record show since this one was issued on a major label and is not(as of yet) a monster. My pink label promo copy is near mint and was purchased for 40 bucks, but it does have a small drill hole in it. I would imagine a lesser but still listenable copy would go for much less, maybe even as low as twenty. If you can find a decent copy for that cheap, by all means go for it, head.
From RYM (chadkelsey)

giovedì, marzo 17, 2011

Friends - Friends (1973 usa jazz fusion)

Friends - Friends

Holy smokes, this is a smoking raw fusion album! A total beast! Absolutely essential listening alongside Eleventh House, early Mahavishnu, Electromagnets, Spectrum, Bundles, etc. Abercrombie goes fuzz wild before he went ECM. Tons of SICK bass lines on here. I think I might be raising the rating in the future. I can't believe I never heard this before! It was only a few months ago I heard Love Cry Want for the first time too. Thanks to Margaret for turning me onto this lost classic!
The band name might be "Friends", but I've got it filed under the performer names:
John Abercrombie; Marc Cohen; Clint Houston; Jeff Williams.
From RYM (herkyjerky)

lunedì, marzo 14, 2011

Yggdrasil - Yggdrasil (1972 ger prog psych prog)

Yggdrasil - Yggdrasil

From Munich. With violin and flutes. Their only LP was recorded in the summer of 1972 but only 10 copies of the metal acetate were made. From a first-grade copy of the master tape

Walter Waidosch (vl, rec, b), Peter Jakob (fl), Werner Vill (voc), Fred Beck (g, fl), Uli Kellner (g, b), Reinhold Fries (dr)

Yggdrasil from Munich named themselves after the world ash or yew tree of the Germanic tribes and played progressive rock of a calmer nature, with flute, violin, and English lyrics. They are hardly known, as their own LP, recorded in the Robert Meilhaus Studio, didn’t get beyond the so-called metal acetate, a pre-state which can be played. In summer 1972, only 10 copies were produced by Meilton; they have never appeared in collector circles. These records could probably be sold for a four-digit amount today. The CD contains the five LP tracks plus eight instrumentals from 1970, then soundtrack to the TV series “Sommer in Sizilien” [Summer in Sicily], as well as five demo tracks recorded in the rehearsal room. Fortunately, there was still a copy of the LP master tape.
From RYM (isabelbc)

domenica, marzo 13, 2011

Woody's Truck Stop - Woody's Truck Stop (us 1969 psych blues)

Woody's Truck Stop - Woody's Truck Stop

Many tried to play blues rock with psychedelic flavour but few did manage to satiate their music with true emotions. You won't probably put "Woody's Truck Stop" among the most impressive records of the decade but you can certainly feel what the band wanted to say with their songs.
From RYM (tepmoc)

venerdì, marzo 11, 2011

Eastfield Meadows - Eastfield Meadows (69 psych pop)

Eastfield Meadows - Eastfield Meadows

Even though I'd never even heard of Eastfield Meadows, I grabbed this LP due to the fact "The David" (one of my favorite slices of mid-1960s psych) is also on the Vance Music Company (VMD) label.

In terms of biographical information I simply haven't been able to dig up much on this outfit. The minimal liner notes on their sole LP don't add much information. Apparently from California, the line-up seems to have consisted of John Bierber, David Carpenter, Wayne Grajeda, Tony Harris, Dwight Payne and James Whittemore. The liner notes don't even tell you what instruments each member played ... All six members contributed material though the back cover only showed five guys, leading to speculation on my part that Harris wasn't a full member. So what's the Hatch produced cleverly titled "Eastfield Meadows" sound like? Exemplified by material such as 'You're Nowhere' and 'Love's Gone' the predominant sound is harmony-rich country-rock a-la Gram Parsons era Byrds. 'Travelin' Salesman' and 'Cowboy Song (The Time Spent)' actually sound a little like something Michael Nesmith might have penned for The Monkees. Less typical, 'Only Girl' and 'Silent Night' sport more of a rock/psych-oriented sound, while 'Young Love' sounds like an early Buffalo Springfield effort and the ballad 'Helpless Is a Feeling' recalls The Association. In case anyone cares, VMC pulled two instantly obscure singles from the LP:

- 1968's 'Silent Night' b/w 'Love's Gone' (VMC catalog number V-734)
- 1968's 'Travelin' Salesman' b/w 'Helpless Is a Feeling' (VMC catalog number V-736)

One other piece of needless trivia, the actual track sequence differs from what's shown on the back cover liner notes.

"Eastfield Meadows" track listing:
(side 1)
1.) Travelin' Salesman (Wayne Grajeda) -
2.) Only Girl (James Whittemore) - 2:35
3.) You're Nowhere (Dwight Payne) - 2:26
4.) Cowboy Song (The Time Spent) (Wayne Grajeda) - 3:01
5.) Love's Gone (James Whittemore) - 4:15

(side 2)
1.) Weekend (Tony Harris) - 3:21
2.) The Price (Wayne Grajeda) - 3:25
3.) Helpless Is a Feeling (David Carpenter) - 2:20
4.) Young Love (James Whittemore - Wayne Grajeda) - 2:40
5.) Silent Night (John Bierber - James Whittemore - Wayne Grajeda) - 4:01
One final non-LP 45, 1968's Vic Brigg's produced 'Friend of Unequal Parallel' b/w 'Love All Men Can Share' (VMC catalog number V-745) and the band was history.
Harris went on to work the production side of the business. Grajeda seems to have kept his hand in music and has a small website at:
From RYM (rdten1)

mercoledì, marzo 09, 2011

Whitney Sunday - Whitney Sunday (1970 us psych prog)

Whitney Sunday - Whitney Sunday

Whitney Sunday is a late 60's/early 70's band from New Hope, PA. This first LP is pleasant, a cross between softer Allman Brothers Band and Blood Sweat & Tears. The instrumentation on the record sounds good as well, better than the average blues band. It won't blow your mind, but it's enjoyable. IMHO, the 2nd side is better than the first side, the band really cooks.
From RYM (rallosoul)


lunedì, marzo 07, 2011

Toy Factory - Toy Factory (us psych 1970)

Toy Factory - Toy Factory

Though I haven't been able to track down much bibliographical information on this late-1960s bi-racial outfit, I think they were from Long Island, New York. From the liner notes on their LP I can also tell you George Weiss was the lead singer and was responsible for writing roughly half the material. The rest of the line up consisted of bassist Bill, guitarist Billy, drummer Joey La Casto and keyboard player Sal (great detail there). Regardless of their roots, they seem to have made their recording debut with a 1969 single for Jubilee ('Sunny, Sunny Feeling' b/w 'Sunny, Sunny Feeling' Jubilee catalog number 45-5668).

Dropped by Jubilee, the following year the band reappeared as one of the first acts signed to AVCO Embassy as it expanded its interest in the entertainment industry to music. Produced by Bernie Lawrence, the majority of 1970's "Toy Factory" found the band trying to fight their way through rather faceless MOR pop. Lead singer Greg Weiss had a decent voice, but on tracks such as 'What Is Youth', 'To Live or Die' and 'Honey, Forever' he employed an irritating faux-English accent that recalled The Monkees' Davy Jones at his most saccharine. He also had an irritating habit of throwing mock sobs and groans into the mix ('When I'm with You' and 'Honey Forever'). Strike three came in the form of occasional French lyrics he tossed into the mix ('To Live or Die' and 'Honey Forever'). Curiously, the band were at their best when they cut loose staking out a harder rock sound. In this case, 'No Rhyme To Orange' (sporting a nice fuzz guitar solo) found the band turning in a credible piece of pseudo-psych, while 'Things' offered up a nifty slice of blue-eyed soul. 'Summertime' also found the band turning in one of the weirdest George Gershwin covers I've ever heard. This one certainly won't change your life, but it's one of those period failures that's worth checking out.

AVCO Embassy pulled 'What Is Youth' b/w 'Honey, Forever' (AVCO Embassy catalog number AVE-4533) as a single. Like the parent LP, it vanished without a trace.

Weiss reappeared as a member of the New York-based Andromeda (I think it's the same guy). From RYM ()

domenica, marzo 06, 2011

Hemlock - Hemlock (1973 uk prog)

Hemlock - Hemlock

Buon disco. Devo dire però che dopo l'ascolto della prima traccia ero convinto di divertirmi di più con un sanissimo(!) heavy prog, genere che scema pian piano fino a toni rock/hard rock - prog. Diciamo che potevano dare un po' di più ma il tutto vale l'ascolto (sempre se facciamo finta di non considerare la tremenda copertina!)!

sabato, marzo 05, 2011

Rock Workshop - Rock Workshop (1970 hard-brass rock/jazz)

Rock Workshop - Rock Workshop

Alex Harvey before SAHB. With guitarist Ray Russell

Quite good early seventies brass-jazz/rock. Some incredible electronic sound-effects between the tracks make almost worth the album alone.

But this is really an overlocked album, good all over.
From RYM (gao)


venerdì, marzo 04, 2011

Mike Stuart Span - Timespan (superb heavy psych 1967)

Mom's Apple Pie - Mom's Apple Pie 1&2 (us hard rock/brass 72-73)

Hi to all folks! i've recieved this post from Mom's apple pie's manager Larry and i'm very happy to post it here!!!Thank you Larry, you can infom us about every news from Moms!!!
here is the original post:






Mom's Apple Pie - Mom's Apple Pie

Mom's Apple Pie - Mom's Apple Pie #2

Mom's apple pie #2 more stuff like the first album but there are some good songs here that i like love plays a song and happy days. The other songs arent bad either my only complaint about this band is the have some bad harmony arrangements check out the song can you help me you will see what i mean. Other than that mom's apple pie was a good band with some catchy songs. As for the first album they do a great cover of i just wanna make love to you and also from the album a song called Mr. skin is pretty good as well. Both of these albums are blogged so for all you horn rock fans go check them out.
From RYM (rockyg)

giovedì, marzo 03, 2011

Dirk Steffens - The Seventh Step (1976 ger hard rock)

Dirk Steffens - The Seventh Step

A good album from the German Dirk Steffens. With Ian Cussick on vocals. In my opinion a bit overrated but worth a listen. Good hardrock from a former member of Birth Control.
From RYM (warpigcat)

mercoledì, marzo 02, 2011

Plastic Penny - Currency (1969 uk psych)

Plastic Penny - Currency

This was re-issued in 1993 on Repertoire with 2 hot BT that are better than anything on the original album - She Does and Celebrity Ball -check them out if you can. I like the version of McArthur Park, it made it clear to me that it is one of the best songs ever written. (The Richard Harris classic is a rather queasy version in my opinion - I can think of 50 acts who could have nailed it better)
From RYM (apricot18)

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