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Vi posto questo disco che sicuramente vi piacerà! Non ve lo sa definire bene ma si può parlare di psych&hard rock (forse però è riduttivo)!
Si vocifera che questo tizio che vedete in foto e Jimi Hendrix fossero amici e progettassero un power trio...non so se è vero ma sta di fatto che il cantato di Ververt Turner lascerà ai più molto interdetti, perchè sembra effettivamente Hendrix al microfono!Anche io al primo ascolto sono stato parecchio disorientato!
Come intuirete la tecnica chitarristica è molto buona (ma non ai livelli di Hendrix!) e il disco è molto piacevole!dunque le song consigliate sono "Excuse Me,Gentlemen", "Scarlet Warrior","Madonna (of seventh moon)"( forse è la più bella), e "Strangely Neww"!
Come al solito ascoltate e non ve ne pentirete!
Ci sentiamo presto e fatemi gli in bocca al lupo x il mattone d'esame che vo' affrontando!!!!


Velvert Turner was apparently a friend of Jimi Hendrix's, and the Hendrix vibe on the album Velvert Turner Group is almost overpowering, right down to the fish-eye photo on the back cover. Turner's got great guitar tone and a playing style quite similar to Jimi. The songs are also similar to later-period Hendrix, circa First Rays of the New Rising Sun, but with some keyboards added. In fact, "Three O'Clock Train" starts out with a riff very close to "Izabella," then sounds more like "51st Anniversary" in the body of the tune. The really shocking thing, though, is how much Turner's voice sounds like Jimi. It's jarring, right down to the same vocal inflections. But it doesn't sound like imitation, it just sounds like they came from the same places. The songs are good, although not the equal of Hendrix's, but some of the guitar playing is great, with some good feedback and panning effects to boot. It's certainly derivative, but Jimi left so few official albums that this will be a welcome sound to Hendrix fans.
(i suggest the song "Strangely Neww", "excuse me gentleman" and "scarlet warrior""madonna(of the seventh moon)" ...take a listen!)

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Anonimo ha detto...

Glad to see such a nice blog !
You have some great stuffs.

Do yo have something from Eulenspygel ?
Everybody told me it was a great band.

All the best

Betelgeuse ha detto...

Yes!!!but i post this stuff not now! i want post (in the next days/week) a little bit of italian prog!

Anonimo ha detto...

I know there are two mix versions of this album, one "hard rock" and the other "R&B"--discernible via the matrix numbers. Do you by chance know which version this is?

Betelgeuse ha detto...

sorry but i don't know witch mix it is!

Anonimo ha detto...

wow!! this is f*ckin awesome!! i love hendrix and firs rays period. first time i've ever heard about this guy and can´t believe it! this is amazing! very good. thanks a lot man!! appreciated. and keep on bringing this great stuff! if you have more like this please post! thank you

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