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BANCHEE- SAME (1969 Masterpiece Heavy psych)

Che Disco signori e signore!è superato solo dall'ultimo lavoro della band, "Thinkin'" che posterò subito dopo questo...questo potremmo definirlo un disco di assestamento in vista del vero capolavoro di musica Psych...purtroppo non esiste una ristampa adeguata e questo cd si trova solo in formato 2in1 proprio col 2 disco...magari ci facessere una nel frattempo ho comprato questo perchè non si può fare a meno di canzoni come "evolmia""night is callin'"e "train of life"...apprezzate questo ma aspettate il capolavoro!(pazienza, il prossimo post!)

a masterpiece of production work. ahead of its time when it was made. a solid lp. another one of my faves that still gets played on a regular basis to this day. love it!


BANCHEE - THINKIN' (Masterpiece heavy psych 1971)

Scusate...inchinatevi al capolavoro!MASTERPIECE!!!!!!
quando l'ho ascoltato per la prima volta ho avuto questa idea fissa!non ho mai sentito un disco che ti coinvolgesse cosi gia dalla prima song..."John Doe" è una delle più belle canzoni mai sentite!!!! Poi si passa alla 2 alla 3 e alla 4 con avidità!non si può fare a meno di questo disco! Unico neo la song "searcher's life"che passa in feretta vi giuro!

With Banchee's first album said and done, I have no idea where the heavy blaster image came from. I’ve found many websites have plagiarized the description in Fuzz Acid & Flowers whenever they have to illustrate the band’s sound, perpetuating the illusion, but where did Fuzz… get it from? The only thing I can deduce is that it’s based on the band’s second and last release as a heavier slant has pervaded the their sound without slapping your face. Apparently, the two years that had passed had members feeling a bit of their oats. In addition to their well oiled, catchy and elegantly rendered resonance, a wider salvo of solos wire tracks with electricity and exploratory musical pieces resembling jam sessions mushroom sometimes out of nowhere. Still prevalent are the silky, multi-part vocal harmonies that are practically their trademark, and the musicianship, if anything, has gotten even more impressive. Driving with its time-ticking, story-based vocal line is “John Doe”. Overlapping this is a perpetually traveling rhythm that already holds an air of completion, almost admiration, which is more often used to end an album. Unfortunately, if you’re listening to the 2-on-1 cd, the song’s atmosphere is partially clouded ‘cause instead of feeling like you’re listening to the first song on a new album, you assume it’s the tenth song on one 17-track monster, and putting it into perspective gives the track a new flavor of appreciation. A jazzy solo backed by a bounding tempo fades the song out with their newly found heavy verve. The equally hasty “Willya” is entirely sung in harmonics with plenty of solos breaking up verses, but beneath it the entire band is just having a blast, coalescing like a sudden jam at a reunion. “3/4 Song” takes on a quirky, disheveled structure that is sung just as oddly until the stirring chorus solidifies the project. More harmonics stream the title cut with the anomalous ending drum solo and bombastic chorus/eddy the highlights. “Searcher’s Life” starts off I believe side two with more convention with the main focus on a fiery solo that pulls it to a close. Serenity isn’t bashful in the spotlight on the debut, but the first glimpse of it finally floats into view with “Iceberg”. Heartfelt words breathe depression into a pace melancholic, yet softly boisterous finally silenced by an earnest solo. This atmosphere carries over to the opening minutes of “Children of the Universe”, then livens up with a breathless surge of vocals with harmonic bursts as a backdrop. “38”, a double-length track, is half blues, half rock that isn’t mingled, but separated about dead center of the track. A repetitive chorus and piercing solo closes the album. Replacing some elegance with energy has given Banchee more of a ‘70s veneer without overpowering fans of the debut. No new discovery is that the band could play, but now are more freestyle in their approach without sacrificing their penchant for catchy songwriting. Another band deserving of credit that fell by the waste side.

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Hello Betelgeuse!!
Thanks for these Banchee-albums,absolutely amazing stuff!!!
Especially "Thinkin'" is unbelieveable..Also Maypole and Power Of Zeus kick some serious ass!!Thanks again for sharing these classics!!

JK from Finland

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