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posto questi 2 titoli come richiesta di Panos!il 1 è un hardrock/prog formato da 3 elementi...interessante direi, mentre il 2 è + marcatemente heavy-prog... consiglio si quest'ultimo la song "Circus"! ciao ciao!





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panos1 ha detto...

Hallo Betelgeuse!come sta bene?
I knew that you will keep the promise!
I can't get them from megaupload brcause of toolbar but DONT WORRY i already get them by a friend!so no problem,don't upload it again for me!

I hope that other people get them because they are both masteroieces!

Grazie marry christmas!ciao de la grecia!

Anonimo ha detto...

PLease, post the albums on R.Share. On Megaup.. the links don't run
The Running Man and Fantasy
Many thanks

Betelgeuse ha detto...

hi panos!thank you and merry christmas also for you!
i don't know nothing about mega toolb and i don't know how can i help you!but if you are interested to 1 album email me!and i give you the clean link! in the next day probably i upload some italian prog jewel...i hope you like it!

Betelgeuse ha detto...

Hi brazil!sorry i have a megaup.premier account and i want use it!and i don't like the rs service because it's rules seems to me very hard (30 mb/hours it's ridicoulus!)...what's your problem with megaup.?the toolbar?unfortunately i don't know nothing about a toolbar...let me try to bypass this problem...

panos1 ha detto...

CIAO belteguese!as i mention i already got them,so don't worry!
Thanks in advance for the italiano albums!when it comes the time for them,we will see what to do!i suspend my megaupload account because the ask for toolbar or 13 euros!i prefer rapid as cheaper!

Well i am still your fratello amigo from grecia!download or not its not important!ok?

Mary christmas![how is in italian language}?i milliori augguri for 2007!

Betelgeuse ha detto...

sure panos! Probably i will post in a near future some great italian prog album!(i souldn't buy a premium account with mega...!!!13 euros seem very high price!)
merry chistmas from italy!(in italy is "Buon Natale!"and great 2007!)( the next days will be a surprise for all who visit my blog!)
ciao panos!

panos1 ha detto...

MEGAUPLOAD ask for 13 euros,RAPIDSHARER offer 3 months for 17!one month for 7,5 and 6 months for 30!
Lol!what are megupload doing?a megarobbery!lol!

My best wishes!

Residentevil2 ha detto...

Excellent blog with some great stuff here.Thanks for the memory trip had several of these at one time.
Do you have:
Fantasy - Fantasy

Vasily Zaytsev ha detto...

Thank you!

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