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Ancora un posto per voi!in lingua spagnola ma molto bello!questo è un disco di musica psych molto particolare, ogni traccia è degna di nota con forse un difetto nella prima lunghezza!è una bella canzone ma ci sono dei passaggi di organo che richiamano il sound degli Iron Butterfly troppo si può soprassedere!!da avere a da ascoltare in ogni modo!

An extremely rare Mexican psychedelic / progressive cross-over album. On the opening track Obertura-Brillo De Luz there's a nice but long keyboard intro, which gradually gives way to effects and pleasant guitar but the keyboards are always around. The largely instrumental cut has a haunting feel at times. It accounts for almost all of side one - the vocals, in Spanish, come in half way through by which time a strong Soft Machine influence (those repetitive organ chords on Soft Machine's first album) becomes evident. The side closes with Final-Advances, a short, catchy instrumental. The material on side two is generally less progressive. En Caso De Que Mi Reloj Se Pare has nice keyboards, El Ruido Del Silencio is quite catchy and Final is a laid back melodic number with woodwind. Certainly an album worth hearing.


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Anonimo ha detto...

Thanks for el Tarro de Mostaza great album, unluckly Megaupload isn't working well in many countries incluiding Chile where I live. Usually Megaupload works with a troian file, too bad.

Wish you can work with another servers like rapidshare, badongo, turboupload for instance.

Keep with your blog, nice job.


Pedro Santos
Chiel, South America

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