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Forgotten Jewel!!!
Rag I Ryggen-S/T (sweden-superb heavy prog 1975)

Scusate ma io amo questo disco! Un mix esplosivo tra Deep Purple ed Uriah Heep!con un tocco di prog che non guasta!sono veramente innamorato!é un gruppo sWedese(!)e ci sono canzoni in lingua (!!!)e in inglese...beh a mio modo di vederesono molto più belle le canzoni in svedese!Come intuirete le maggior parte delle canzoni hanno un organo pulsante che rende la miscela esplosiva!personalmente è bastato un ascolto per innamoramene, spero altrettanto per voi!Come altre volte, nessuna song da consigliare...forse la prima traccia "Det Kan Val Inte Pole Farligt "(non è colpa mia se sono prolissi!) la 3 ("Jan Banan") e la spettacolare ultima "Sanningsserum".Provare per credere! Sto cercando gruppi simili a questi, se avete consigli sono in ascolto!

review: (plz leave comments for this album!)

Rag I Ryggen's sound was in the vein of better known bands such as Uriah Heep, Deep Purple and early Black Sabbath, all circa early 70s. Their music has that driving bass and drum line, plenty of keyboards as both organ and synthesizers. Also of note and enjoyment is the use of two guitarists, providing some nice double solo work. The songs are split between English and Swedish lyrics. Spangaforsens Brus is an instrumental track that sounds like it may have its roots in folk music and reminds me a bit of the B-side of Mike Oldfield's "Tubular Bells" or Hergest Ridge in the guitar sound and overall compositional style. Both keyboard and guitar solos abound throughout. Naked Man uses flute in the intro before kicking in the heavy stuff and then reappearing in a Jethro Tull-ish solo toward the end. The last two tracks are live recordings, which remind me of why I was not a fan of live recordings back in the day; there's much distortion and poor sound quality. I'd have been happy with just the studio tracks.
Conclusion.If you enjoy the hard rock of the early '70s, (which is quite tame when compared to the hard rock of today) this could bring you some musical joy. Hammond Organ with a Leslie cabinet, wah-wah & fuzz-wah guitar effects: it's all here. The vocals are good, though to the native English speaker, the heavy Swedish accent can sound comical at times. The playing is good and something of a blast from the past from a band I never knew

(1975- sweden heavy prog)

Continuiamo sul filone swedese! questo è un ottimo disco con molte canzoni belle! mi piacciono le prime 3 traccie ("bitch"è quella che preferisco) in più c'è anche una ottima rivisitazione del Classico di Grieg "Hall of the mountan King" (che dovrebbe essere la 5 traccia che si chiama diversamente!). Una nota dolentissima la rec-fab che è la casa responsabile delle ristampa su cd ha fatto un lavoro pessimo e si sente un po' il fruscio del vinile anche se io ho rippato il disco da cd (originale!)

Sorry, i don't find any review about shaggy (fell free to send yours).. This is a very good work (heavy prog) I suggest the song "bitch" and the 5th track (it's a "cover" of grieg's "Hall Of The Mountan King"...revisited!) Highly Recommended!bye!


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only to dl if i install the toolbar which is full of spyware....alexa


Betelgeuse ha detto...

i know of this shitty toolbar, if you check my previous post you can read about some tips to bypass the problem...tell me if you still have problems

Anonimo ha detto...

I`m trying to download PFM - "passpartu" but megaupload doesn`t seem to open somehow.
Is there a chance to know what`s wrong? I would like very much to get this album.

Betelgeuse ha detto...

i think to understand what's your problem!you should allow cookie from megaupload's website on your browser.To know how you should read the fruup post to know some more about it!let me know if you still have problems!bye!

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you must allow cookies

i think


Betelgeuse ha detto...

yes!!i think also that this is the right way!

Anonimo ha detto...

Great Swedish group. Thanks!

Betelgeuse ha detto...

Imho this guys kicking ass!!!one of my favourite albums!thank you for comments!

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