sabato, giugno 20, 2009

MADE IN SWEDEN!!!!(Swe-Trippy Jazz Prog Psych)

torniamo a lidi a me un po' più consoni!
Esaudisco ancora delle richieste fattemi da un anonimo visitatore che mi ha chiesto un po' di roba!!Oggi tocca ai "made in sweden", con gli album del 1969 e del 1970. La descizione che ho fatto nel titolo penso sia la più adeguata!(un sacco di generi lo so ma questo gruppo li esprime tutti!)

Piccola richiesta (mia) Se qualche anima santa ha il disco "Suget"dei "Suget"non è che lo può Uppare? Io non lo trovo, mi manca! grazie!

Hi folks! again request! with this band! The album were recorded in 1969 and 1970 and the sound is a great prog-jazz! I have one request...there's someone who have the album
"Suget-Suget"(1979)?I don't find anything!!If you have can you upload it and give me the link in comments (then i'll post the album in main page)? Thank you!


Made in Sweden - Snakes in a Hole



Made in Sweden - Made in England


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Anonimo ha detto...

Hi again.

Another great post from you. Where do you find all this great old swedish stuff. I live in Sweden but I can't find it. This band has another great guitarist by the name of George Wadenius. He did a couple of albums with "Made In Sweden", and then left for the U.S of A to join "Blood Sweat and Tears" were he stayed as lead guitarist for quite a long time. Nice to hear them again. Thanx.
The Swede.

Betelgeuse ha detto...

Hi my friend! i love swedish stuff (also the "Sweden" as country!) I love scandinavian progrock and i try to listen everything!
i've bought both album, Rag i Ryggen(one of my favourite record ever!) and shaggy, on ebay!
but for "Life" i have asked to my friends (no one have it but one!i hope that this old and rare stuff will be well-known and not forgotten by the hands of time!)!I hope you enjoy the albums!stay tuned, i'll post more great records!ciao!

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