giovedì, dicembre 17, 2009

(1969 Great folk)

Roy Harper - Folkjokeopus

che bel disco!!!ottimo folck alla maniera di bob dylan!ottimo!!! mi sono piaciute molte canzoni!in particolare ascoltate la 7 traccia e ditemi se non sembra Dylan!

This is one of my favourite roy albums. I love "sgt sunshine" and the sprawling "mcgoohan's blues" the best. It flows well from beginning to end. It's still a transitional album, but the experimental tracks ("composer of life"/"in the time of water") wear their influences on their sleeves (incredible string band predominantly) and thus seem the weakest songs here in hindsight. "mcgoohans blues" reminds me a little of al stewart's similarly lengthly "love chronicles" but while al didn't take the epic song concept any further, roy managed to make it work better in his context than many of the "progressive" acts that pursued the same ideas in the 70s. "all for one" is very similar to "blackpool" from roy's debut album. The guitar work here is freeflowing and ambitious. All in all a very fine effort, and a very listenable one.


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