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(U.k.-Psych-space folk-1971)

Ramases - Space Hymns

Mmm...mmm...mmm...avete capito no?allora ve lo rispiego...mmm...mmm...!sono interdetto!
Il disco inizia con un genere un space rock con molti effetti e si ha subito una perla rara ("life child" è un capolavoro...)ma poi si ha uno sballo hyppie (o come diavolo si scrive...)folk che rende il disco completamente diverso da come ci si aspetterebbe anche guardando la bellissima cover... mah che dire...ascoltatelo e ditemi se avete avuto anche voi le stesse impressioni!

A rather charming space-folk album that tends to grow on you over time. Obviously Ramases was sincere in his message, although it's hard to figure out what his cosmic message was from here. Spacy and generally melodic folk music with acoustic guitars, backwards effects, sitars and the occasional rock moves. Does not deserve the bad reviews that it gets by a long shot; I suspect the people who give it bad reviews bought it for the impressive Roger Dean cover and were expecting some kind of Krautrock/Hawkwind or Tangerine Dream style freakout as a result. This is far from that, but in all it is not that dissimilar to what Daevid Allen and Gong were doing at the time. Compare to Gong's "Magick Brother, Mystick Sister" and you'll see what I mean. "And The Whole World" and "Jesus Come Back" are undeniably pretty, melodic songs that would not sound out of place on a George Harrison album. Unusual, but interesting spiritual space-folk album.


Ramases - Glass Top Coffin (1975 space psych)

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Tom Cora ha detto...

Thanks for this upload, which I only got on original vinyl (vertigo swirl).


The Master_21 ha detto...

Space Hymns è un capolavoro, l'avrò sentito mille volte, fin dalla data d'uscita, un must, come happy trails dei quicksilver e mad river first...
Grande blog!!!!

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