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Again kraut!
Vi posto questi 2 dischi tedeschi che si inseriscono nel filone krautrock pur avendo delle diversità in quanto mischiate (mi si passi il termine) con un po' di art rock e prog in senso classico!non vi aspettate ritmi forsennati alla king krimson ma piuttosto dei dischi che definirei di "riflessione", con atmosfere ricercate anche con l'ausilio del piano...non mi dilungo oltre anche perchè non mi è facile descrivervi questi dischi!

Flaming Bess-Tanz der Götter (1979)

Flaming Bess - Tanz der Götter

Talk about a latecomer, as far as prog rock is concerned. Tanz der Götter by Flaming Bess was released in 1979 and it was their debut! Couldn't have been released at a worse time, when the prog rock scene was, for the most part, over, and the 1980s was just around the corner. Flaming Bess was in a long line of German prog rock bands, this one slipping through the cracks and basically unknown outside their own country. This album really isn't the most original you'll ever hear. A lot of it resembles Camel, complete with Peter Bardens-like organ. Nothing on this album is particularly complex, but it's still progressive. The music is all-instrumental, except for one minute of spoken dialog in German between cuts (which, from what I'm able to determine, tends to be sci-fi oriented). This is your typical prog rock band: guitar, bass, drums, keyboards (organ, Solina string synth, some clavinet and Mini Moog). While musically, they sound like Camel, many of the passages that use the string synths tend to remind me more of Detlev Schmidtchen's work with Eloy.
Only in Germany did bands have the balls to create prog rock like it never went out of style in 1979, and Eloy did that with Silent Cries and Mighty Echoes, and so did Flaming Bess with their album Tanz der Götter.
In conclusion, while this album won't give you too many new surprises for those familiar with the mid to late '70s German prog rock scene, it's still a decent album, although it does get a little repetitive in places.


Indigo-Die Angel im Gras

Indigo - Die Angel im Gras


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yurek ha detto...

Amazing. Thank you

jan ha detto...

hi!how are you?thanks for posting always superb music!you are my favorite!

Betelgeuse ha detto...

hi jan!thank you for your precious words!

jan ha detto...

a pleasure!bye and good evening

Anonimo ha detto...

Hello Betelgeuse and happy Easter!!

Thank you very very much for these Kraut-classics!Flaming Bess is absolutely amazing, melodic prog and Indigo album is far better than the first one(Meer Der Zeit), which I thought was superb...
Also Brigade, N.S.U., Pulse and Blind Ravage+Octopus were simply stunning!!!Thank you again for sharing these awesome classics!!
(But I think N.S.U. album was missing one track, namely track 3...or is it??)

Greetings and have a nice Easter!!
JK from Finland

Betelgeuse ha detto...

Hi janik!it's a pleasure to see you here..thank you!and yes...track 3 is missing (but now i added a new link!)thank you again (stay tuned, in the next day i have a little gift for you!)!!!

andre ha detto...

Flaming Bess is a Nice Album.Thanks

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