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Blackbirds (early krautrock)!!!!

Oggi ho poco tempo per scrivere qualcosa di interessante, quindi vi rinvio alla recensione in inglese...

The Blackbirds were going in a much more prog-rock aligned direction on their second and final album. That much is evident from the opening instrumental, "Praladium," which sounds kind of like Emerson, Lake and Palmer with a dusting of bubblegum pop, as ludicrous as that sounds. The cathedral-like aspects of the organ were amplified upon on this outing, and at times it seems like it might actually be a subtle satire of the kind of pomp rock being ground out by ELP and others during the era. It's got more cheer, verve and a gutsier edge than typical keyboard-dominated progressive acts. At the same time there's a quasi-religious vapor to some of the proceedings, as though they're performing a prog-rock mass of sorts. Like much prog-rock, the instrumental parts of the songs do tend to go on longer than necessary, which is why this album rates lower than its predecessor, although it's still stamped with some alluringly sorrowful melodies and vocals. —
Richie Unterberger

Blackbirds - No Destination (1968)

Blackbirds - No Destination


Blackbirds - Touch of Music (1971)

Blackbirds - Touch of Music


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This Album are Down.

Blackbirds - No Destination (1968)

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Hi monk!to bypass the problem you should allows cookie in your browser!(or try to click "hit back" button)just another progster have your same problem... and with this tips the will show!

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