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Fraction - Moon Blood (good US Heavy Psychedelia 1971)

Fraction - Moon Blood

Scusate...ho postato questo disco oggi ma non ho aggiornato il calendario...perdonatemi!
Come riportato dalla descrizione parliamo di un album di musica heavy psych statunitense...non esaltantissimo anche se ci sono belle particolare mi senti di notare come il cantato sia in una certa misura molto simile e rispecchi i canoni del cantato Metal
odierno un una voce "cattiva"...Un ascolto non guasta!

This 1971 release on the Angelus label (Angelus 571) was limited to only 200 copies, so originals are worth a small fortune. Fraction, with vocalist Jim Beach bearing an uncanny vocal resemblance to Jim Morrision (although he was singing on Sunset Strip long before Morrison took to the stage), were often compared favourably with the Doors, although their quasi-religious message would probably not have found favour with the recently-departed Morrison. Indeed, this rather fine album was once famously described as the album the Doors
probably wished they had made! Underpinned by guitarist Don Swanson's superb Ritchie Blackmorestyle guitar work, this is an album full of beautiful psychedelia, acid and hard rock, at once emblematic of the era but not dated by its association. The five original compositions are all of the highest quality and the contribution of Beach's Morrison-esque
vocals place a stamp of originality on the recording that endures from beginning to end.


(1969 good jazz-prog)

Bangor Flying Circus - Bangor Flying Circus

I saw these guys live a number of times. They were practically the house band at The Cellar in Arlington Heights, IL in the late 60's. This album pretty much captures their sound at that time. It's definitely on the jazzy side of rock, but with some of the finest distortion-heavy lead guitar of that era. Their pumped-up version of "Norwegian Wood" is my favorite, with some outstanding drumming. Tight, imaginative arrangements, in a somewhat eclectic mix of songs.


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Anonimo ha detto...

My first impression of this album is little bit mixed. It's strange music. It resembles the Doors. But it's different.
It's heavy. It's psychedelic. It's not bad.
I can't call it a masterpiece. It's good but that's it.

Aspar ha detto...

Hell...this is among the BEST albums I´ve ever been downloading...and even better than 70% of the albums that I spent MONEY for!!!What a great voice,what a great sound...and GREAT SONGS!!! Arrrgghh!

Betelgeuse ha detto...

ahahah!it's a pleasure share with you!

daru ha detto...

Fraction is so Damn Great heavy!!! Thanks

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