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Holderlin - s/t (1975-very good krautrok/folk)

Hölderlin - Hölderlin

vi ho postato prima il disco traum degli holderlin e ora tocca all'altro lavoro...che dire... è krautrock!molto particolare dall'inizio alla fine, con ovvie melodie a cavallo tra il prog e il classico con molti spunti sinfonici...ascoltatelovi piacerà moltissimo!!!

Very good krautsound with folk and classical influences...take a listen!


(1972-Krautrock-vinyl rip)

Hölderlin - Hölderlins Traum

Un disco di krautrock per voi!forse un filino più commerciale ma ascoltabile!per maggiori info...leggere sotto!

This had been the debut by German band Hoelderlin (here still spelled with an “umlaut”) and actually what an amazing one it was. Actually it should be considered as one of the most stunning first works by a band ever presented whereas usually it used to be rather underestimated. I’ve seen it rated with 9/15 on a German Prog site for example. Some people are comparing it with the style of some country fellow bands like Emtidi, Bröselmaschine or Witthüser & Westrupp (musicians of the latter two guested here actually) which is only valid in some way with the difference that this album had been far superior to anything those bands ever released. The music they presented here was a lot different from the more classic Prog style they revealed on their later (also very good) albums. Being mostly acoustic with a broad range of used instruments the seven compositions here exhibited a quite unique blend of folk, classical, ethnic and some jammin’ Krautrock elements. But the latter feature comes here much more discreet and is mainly exclusively in one track (“Traum”) present. Thus it’s certainly not to be compared with anything from the LSD-inspired “Kosmische Szene” the band always refused to be part of and therefore had many juridical with their producer Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser. The lyrics (into parts inspired by their eponym) though being at times very dreamy and poetic are anything else than just misty-eyed romanticism but are containing as well many political and social comments, a fact that had been disliked as well by their producer. One could describe them as criticism of society packed into fabulous poetry. Most of them are sung by Dutch Nanny DeRuig in perfect German free of any accent thus I think it’s quite crucial to be familiar with the language to fully appreciate this record. On the other hand there’s plenty of brilliant music here to be enjoyed without taking care of the lyrics at all, played on acoustic classical-type of instruments like violin, cello and grand piano but also electric ones like organ and mellotron. Not to forget mentioning the magical flute play, the superb acoustic guitar and as well some sitar, tablas and nice percussion providing a slight “cosmic” touch. Finally I just can highly recommend this album not only to any fan of Prog Folk and Krautrock but to anyone looking for some unique and awesome music. It’s absolutely flawless (apart from its short length but just put it on repeat play!) and in my opinion can’t be rather lower than with the full score!

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