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Omnibus (1970-great psych fuzz)

Omnibus - Omnibus

1970 United Artists release by Boston based band combining moody Westcoast style organ sound with fuzzy psych guitar. This trio hailed from Boston. The album, which was recorded in New York and produced by Steve and Eric Nathanson (who were the producers of Boffalongo) Recommended.


Kopperfield - Tales Untold (great heavy prog 1974)

Kopperfield - Tales Untold

Mi piacciono questi tizi!!!!ottimo hard/heavy prog con hammond sempre in primo piano...unico neo la non omogeneità dalla qualità delle canzoni...non sono tutte allo stesso livello...peccato!comunque fidatevi questi tizi "calciano culi" (come dicono gli americani!!!) A voi!

Limited pressed lp by this band from Michigan, faithfully reissued by the folks at GearFab. Melodic rock/prog style, similar to Boston, Styx, even a little Yes.
The album kills from the opener to the last power-chord. Record collectors are paying about 1000 $ for this item, but who cares because Gear Fab had done a CD re-release with nine bonus cuts from 1972 and 1975.


4 commenti:

Anonimo ha detto...

The Omnibus album is very like a fuzzed out Doors, don't you think?
Thanks for sharing it, the Impala Syndrome is also excellent - I have this CD myself.
Cheers!! - SCM

kosice ha detto...

Thank you for Impala Syndrome - I have been looking for this sounds great!


Thierry ha detto...

Very disappointing with Los Impala (just 1 or 2 good titles), BUT, OMNIBUS !!! ... !!! This is a amazing album : a gemm ! a treasure !! a true success !!!
Do you know the age of these musicians ? Their maturity is incredible...

Betelgeuse ha detto...

hi thierry!i don't want say something wrong but probably the musicians were 20 years old when play this amazing album...

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