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J D BLACKFOOT the ultimate prophecy 1970 monster west coast psych

J.D. Blackfoot - The Ultimate Prophecy

Che bellissimo disco di musica psych con ampi riferimenti west coast (ho tralasciato troppo a lungo questo genere!!!!)ci sono canzoni molto belle che sicuramente affascineranno molti di voi!
a volte si riesce a riconoscere una certa vena hard che rende il tutto ancora più gustoso(almeno sempre secondo i miei gusti!) A voi!

This album would most likely throw people who have only heard "The Ultimate Prophecy" (the song) for a loop, and the first side of the record is all mellow pleasant country rock. Side two is the real deal though featuring the very fine heavy psych side long opus which kind of reminds me of fellow "Prophecy" writer Perry Leopold. Good stuff.


THE TRAVEL AGENCY - (1968-good folk-west coast rock)

The Travel Agency - The Travel Agency

Vi sto dando delle perle!mi piace questo disco (ho trascurato troppo a lungo il west coast sound!)
ci sono anche qua dei momenti psych anche se la "tradizione" presente è più vicina a quella beatles (un po induriti!)non un masterpiece ma ottimo per passare un po' di tempo in compagnia di ottima musica!

This band is totally anonymous other than having Frank Davis as a member. Davis was an associate of the Texas band Fever Tree, and wrote the two-minute blast "Grand Candy Young Sweet" for their second album. Though much less well known, this LP is better than any of the four by Fever Tree. The opening track, "What's A Man" is more relevant today than it was then! A conversation between a father and his hawkish son (wasn't it the other way around back then?), it has Iraq all over it: ("You can't imagine what I'm thinking / We've got to fight them while they're small / Or their disease will soon be spreading / And then we'll never kill them all"). I don't know what Ann Coulter was doing in '68, but if that doesn't sound like something straight out of her lunatic rantings, I don't know what does! There's nothing else here that's quite that powerful here, but the Beatlesque "Sorry You Were Born", and the fuzz-laden "Cadillac George" are terrific on their own terms. The group gets mystical, with mixed results. "Lonely Seabird" is spellbinding, but the extended, raga-like "That's Good" is simply somnolent. The classical guitar framed "So Much Love", and "You Will Be There" sound like renaissance madrigals. If anything, the group was adept at writing and performing an impressive variety of material. There's unrealized hit potential here. Both "She Understands", and "Come To Me" are instantly catchy, if only someone had been around to catch them. The album peters out with the closing track, "Old Man", which lifts the guitar riff from "Peggy Sue", but there's still enough here to make me wish for a follow - up.

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jan ha detto...

hi betelgeuse!superb post today!and are you fine?this Blacfoot is one of the greatest psych albums,thanks a lot

jan ha detto...

do you find something about novato band?

Betelgeuse ha detto...

unfortunately no...i've asked about to my friend but no one have nothing...but let me search!if i find somethinghs just a littele time to listen and up and a'll post everything!

jan ha detto...

sorry for the work i give you!it s hard to find,but thanks to you my friend!

Betelgeuse ha detto...

it's a pleasure jan!

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