giovedì, agosto 19, 2010

Bandolero - Love Is All (1970 puertorico psych)

Bandolero - Love Is All


Spectrum - Milesago(1972prog hard rock)

Spectrum - Milesago


4 commenti:

jan ha detto...

hi betelgeuse!hope you have a great week end!thanks again for the superb music

Brian Scott ha detto...

Thanks for keeping my requests. You Rulz! Bandolero & a Revolución De Emiliano Zapata both are great!

Thanks a lot, dude!


Anonimo ha detto...

bandolero is awesome, and this rip is much better quality than I've found elsewhere. thanks!

AUSTRAL ALIEN ha detto...

Thanks for uploading the Spectrum L.P. This band was formed in Melbourne, Australia from the remnants of N.Z. band Chants R.& B. Not to be confused with the obscure Brazilian prog band of the same name.
The Aussie Spectrum recorded 5 L.P.'s one in which was live and one under a pseudonym name. I saw them several times both in a club and in concert. The Kiwis in the band are still gigging today.

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