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Smak - Crna dama (Yug.1977 Prog)

SMAK was formed 1971 in Kragujevac, the present Serbia and Montenegro, by a guitar virtuoso Radomir Mihajlovic nicknamed "Tocak" (the Wheel). The first stable line-up was assembled in late 1974 including Slobodan Stojanovic (drums), Zoran Milanovic (bass), Boris Arandjelovic (vocals) and Lazar Ristovski (keyboards). During 1977-78 Ristovski was replaced by first Miki Petkovski and then by Tibor Levay on keyboards, while in the period 1979-81 Dado Topic (ex TIME, KORNI GRUPA) collaborated with SMAK as producer and occasional guest vocalist before the band broke-up in late 1981. The original line-up gathered again in 1986 with a new keyboardist Milan Djurdjevic, but after the release of one LP they split again. The third comeback of SMAK happened in 1992 with Ristovski again as a member, when they mostly played concerts in Serbia and issued a live album. Finally, in 1994 SMAK re-appeared again, this time along with Tocak and Stojanovic they added younger musicians: Dejan Stojanovic (second drum kit), Dejan Najdanovic (vocals), Vlado Samardzic (bass) and Milan Milosavljevic (guitar).
SMAK was celebrated for Tocak's virtuosity in guitar playing, modelled on J. Hendrix and J. Page style, and for interesting, if not always successful, fusion of hard rock, prog rock, jazz rock with strong blues backing, with Arandjelovic's falsetto vocal often used as an instrument rather than singing. "Ulazak u harem", a folk-inspired instrumental issued as hit-single in 1975, showcased Tocak as one of the guitar-heros of ex-Yugoslavian music scene of the 1970s, while albums "Crna dama" ("Black Lady") and "Stranice naseg vremena" ("The Pages of Our Time") were highly celebrated among prog fans and were even released in English versions for the Western market. Their reunion, from the second half of 1980s onward, turned the musical direction of the band into less-inspired mainstream hard rock, abandoning any prog elements. As a comparison, one can mention similarities in style with artists such as DEEP PURPLE, TASTE, TRAFFIC, DOOBIE BROTHERS, SANTANA, LEB I SOL.


Smak - Stranice našeg vremena (1978)

Smak - Stranice našeg vremena


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Roderick Verden ha detto...

I don't get download. Emtidi(first album-black cover) link is not ok.
Can you helpe-me? Thank you.

jan ha detto...

hello betelgeuse!thanks for this ex yug rock!i love it,famous blog my friend!

Anonimo ha detto...

hello!thx to Smak,Tako great yugo prog music's!
Sithlord from Hungary

Betelgeuse ha detto...

hi to all!
thank you for your precious word!

for roderick:

the link seems to be alive!try to allow cookie from the website!i try few moments ago and it work!

Anonimo ha detto...

Hey there Mr B.!!
Thanks for the great stuff!!..Again!These both Tako-albums are absolutely brilliant(while your review says that the first album is bad,but I don't think so;they're both incredible!!)
Grazie!Multo bellissimo! for sharing these obscure classics!!...
Maybe I should check out the spanish and brazilian prog too,they are another countries from which I have never heard any prog stuff of...maybe I should give a chance..???
Thanks again, you're the Man!!!
And have a nice weekend! JaniK
PS. You told me previously that if I had any requests, I should inform you..well here are couple:
Igginbottom's Wrench:same(British psychedelia from 1969..not supposed to be anything marvellous,but there is Allan Holdsworth playing guitar..and he is one of my all-time favourite musicians...)and secondly Cosmos Factory:Castle In Transylvania (Japanese prog/psych from 1973??, very rare album here in Finland..)Any hints appreciated!Thanks again in advance!!!

Betelgeuse ha detto...

Hi janik!!yes, you hare right, both tako's album are excelent (and this is only a review that i've found on rateyourmusic...i haven't the necessary skill with english language to write one good review!!!)and great news, i've found both album!just a little time to up and write!ok?

Anonimo ha detto...

Hi my friend.Nice stuff.I have those albums,are very good east progs,but SMAK-Black lady /english sung version/ 1978 missed in my collection.Do you have this album?Please post me answer.Thank you for all... M.C.KE

Betelgeuse ha detto...

...i don't find it...try to ask at yurock(great blog with great yugoslavian album!)!

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