martedì, giugno 23, 2009

SPOT - SPOT (1971-bel-great hard rock-psych)
Stupendo disco con molte influenze musicali che spaziano dall' hard rock-heavy rock con wah wah in primo piano su molti "assolo", fino a passare per la musica psych-blues con ovvi richiami anche alla tradizione ledzeppeliniana!!

An early seventies Swiss offering that showcases some fine heavy rock with a blues tinge and some excellent guitar playing. Includes versions of Donovan's "Jersey Thursday" and a particularly manic "Sabre Dance". Classic rock.…The best of Blues rock in Deep Purple-Taste-Led Zeppelin style.The classic 4-piece outfit shows the english strength of heavy blues-rock in fusion with the psychedelic influences of other swiss bands like Krokodil or Country Lane.

BANZAI - HORA NATA (good prog-1974)

Vi piacciono gli yes?i genesis?la progressive in generale? perchè perdete tempo a leggere e non scaricate il disco? forza!ottimo prog, non stucchevole ma piacevole anche ai proggers meno famelici...le canzoni che mi piacciono sono le prime ma il resto non è malaccio...ovviamente non siamo all'eccellenza (sempre secondo i miei canoni ovviamente!) ma meritano! un saluto a tutti!

This album is quite wonderful. I must admit I was a little dubious when I saw the cover, with the band dressed in ridiculous makeup and costume, but the music is superb. The arrangements are rich, colourful, and highly textured, with a nice variation of space and density. The band are very proficient musicians, but credit must go to guitarist John McO, who was once described as the most relaxed player in Belgium. His melodic lines are really languid and engaging, and I love the way he subtly alters his tones and effects during different parts of the longer tunes. Keyboardist Peter Torfs manages to stretch out occasionally with some very tasteful solos, especially on the organ. There are echoes of Focus and Camel here and there, but this album is so well played and composed that references tend to fade as you enjoy the overall music. The recording quality is also very clear and and warm, with fine engineering. The only let down was the newer tracks tacked onto the end of the album, recorded for their unreleased second album. These few tracks are more straightforward and unadventurous, with emphasis on lyrics and vocals, rather than progressive musical exploration. But buy this if you see it on import, because it's superb.

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