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Freddy Lindquist – Menu (great 1970 Nor Heavy Rock)

Freddy Lindquist - Menu

Sto diventando troppo di parte per i dischi delle terre del nord!!!ottimo disco con un ottimo "riffing" e un gusto che spazia tra più generi, tutti suonati in una maniera impeccabile!consigliato!

CD reissue of one and only 1970 album by Freddy Lindquist, who was once member of the Vanguards in 1966, replaicing Terje Rypdal. Freddie could be regarded as the 'Hendrix' of Norway, a true guitar-vinking!! Great fluid guitar rock from Norways leading guitar-prince, next in line to King Terje Rypdal. If comparisons are required the album is reminiscent of Miller Anderson's solo album "Bright City". –

Freddy Lindquist was a veteran of several Norwegian beat bands before embarking on his solo album in 1970. Moving on to heavy rock he produced an album in the classic vein of Cream and Taste – the comparison being even more apt as the addition of two help-mates made the band into a trio. The guitar-work on the opener ‘Sundae Sellers’ is very Clapton-influenced, although in no way just a copy-cat, and the jazzy ‘Green And Pink Little Man’ shows Lindquist is equally at home with hard rock. ‘Shakaro’ is a flute-led instrumental which nicely breaks up the album, before ‘How Nice’ re-introduces the guitar as the lead instrument for it’s own showcase. A heavy, heavy version of Los Bravos’ ‘Black Is Black’ – done a la Vanilla Fudge - is one of the highlights of the album, but Lindquist’s own offerings like ‘Women Running Around’ and ‘Join In And Freak Out’ are equally fine, and make this a truly excellent album. All the songs are sung in English, and have a definite British vibe to them, making them accessible to a worldwide audience. Always highly regarded in Norway, Lindquist is now getting belated recognition with the re-appearance of this release, and it should be checked out by anyone into classic heavy rock.


Crossbreeze - Crossbreeze (1974 nor-rock prog)

Crossbreeze - Crossbreeze


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jan ha detto...

hi betelgeuse!great music from sweden,thanks and how are you?

Betelgeuse ha detto...

hi jan!i'm fine, i hope you too!

jan ha detto...

yes i m fine !happy to see your blog allways the best!bye

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