giovedì, aprile 16, 2009

Holland Prog!!!!

Kayak (superb melodic prog)

Kayak - Kayak 1974


This is a great album! Powerfull combination of symfonical influences and rock-guitar / pop. The songs are now and then very catchy with polyphone voices a la beatles, sometimes it souns like Yes or early Genesis.
The quality of this album is, that it is progressive and still poppy in a better way then Moody blues for example, in my humble opinion.


Kayak - Royal Bed Bouncer 1975

Kayak - Royal Bed Bouncer

A wonderful, melodic, bouncy album by Kayak. The mood is lighter than even the most ethereal Genesis of the 1970's, but the playing, arranging, and words are top flight. I love the title track "Royal Bed Bouncer," the charming "You're So Bizarre," and the showstopping "Said No Word" which stands up to any proggy forceful song shy of heavy metal leanings. Nothing goes wrong on this album, but for all the enegry and finesse, there themes and silliness eventurally lessen the overall effect.


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