sabato, aprile 25, 2009

Kornet!!!(superb Jazz fusion-prog)
Bellissimi dischi!mi sono piaciuti! (il primo molto di più) Sono dischi belli da ascoltare perchè si sono divertiti i suonatori...e si sente!A voi!

Kornet - Kornet(1975)

Kornet - Kornet


Kornet - Kornet III(1977)

Kornet - Kornet III


6 commenti:

Anonimo ha detto...

hello!thx to Kornet very good fusion music!!
Sithlord from Hungary

andre ha detto...

I have the fraguiole found.another Album what you maybe have:
Daddy Warbucks - Same 1976 US
Hope you can help.Thanks+Greatings

Betelgeuse ha detto...

sorry andre i don't have it...:(
btw if you wish you could send the link for the fragile album!

andre ha detto...

Here your link:
(Comes from Rare MP3 Blogspot-CD Version)

Betelgeuse ha detto...

Great! thank you!

tjaptjap ha detto...

For those who are interested in the flacs of these KORNET albums;

Kornet - Kornet 1975 (FLAC) Part 1

Kornet - Kornet 1975 (FLAC) Part 2

Kornet - Kornet 1975 (FLAC) Part 3

Kornet _ Fritfall 1977(FLAC) Part 1

Kornet _ Fritfall 1977 (FLAC) Part 2

Kornet _ Fritfall 1977 (FLAC) Part 3

Kornet _ Fritfall 1977 (FLAC) Part 4

Kornet III 1979 (FLAC) Part 1

Kornet III 1979 (FLAC) Part 2

Kornet III 1979 (FLAC) Part 3


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