martedì, febbraio 23, 2010

Universe - Universe(1971 hard prog)

Universe - Universe

Stiamo davanti ad un buon disco, forse non eccelso ma decisamente sono intermezzi "duri" altri un po' più melodici tutto condito in chiave Prog anche se ancora siamo un po' lontani da un heavy prog "classico"!a voi l'ascolto!

Universe was an English band who went to Norway. Some way along their travels their van broke down in front of a music freak's house. The guy took the band in, fed them, and gave them shelter for the night. The band recorded a jam session as a private pressing for this guy. Colours found it and reissued the recording. Bery obscure sounding music.


2 commenti:

andre ha detto...

Very Obscure,i have another Universe from U.S.A (The Ex Guys from Josefus,whatever i like this from you also.Good

Anonimo ha detto...

Yeah, the link to rym (pic) is to another band

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