venerdì, febbraio 13, 2009

Ya Ho Wa!!!!(great acid psych)
oggi devo correre e Ho poco tempo per fornirvi una recensione ma vi lascio le recensioni in consiglio caldamente questi dischi che sono molto belli!spero apprezziate!

Ya Ho Wa 13 - I'm Gonna Take You Home

Ya Ho Wa 13 / Ya Ho Wa - I'm Gonna Take You Home

characterized by the chanting and bellowing of Father Yod, this mostly instrumental album has some intense passages of twisted and eastern guitar work within the framework of highly improvised, imprompto, trancelike performances. Reputedly, this is one of the better releases of this cult band; and It certainly is about as extremely psychedelic as it can get. this is a very deranged performance that certainly eclipses any sense of reality.


Ya Ho Wa 13- Savage Sons of Ya Ho Wa (1974)

Ya Ho Wa 13 / Ya Ho Wa - Savage Sons of Ya Ho Wa

Certainly the most song oriented of the Ya Ho Wa material, and this one is a stunner. Some of the best acid psych songs you'll ever come across. The power and sincerity really shines through with this recording. Easily one of my favorite albums of all time, and my favorite by the Father Yod/Ya Ho Wa groups.


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andre ha detto...

Hello Betelgeuse
Heavy Stuff,i never hear bevor absolutly non commercial.But good prog.

john ha detto...

Yay! Yahowha 13 rules! Thanks a lot

costan ha detto...

hi, Thanks for the post...

but, second link of Ya Ho Wa 13 - I'm Gonna Take You Home returns error

Betelgeuse ha detto...

hi costan, sometimes file are unavailable for a while...try later!

costan ha detto...

Later doesn't help. I tried it many times in last few days without any success. Please check the link. There is something wrong with it.

Betelgeuse ha detto...

sometimes the link will be unavailable for this moment i can't do much more!maybe when my connection start to work fine i can fix the problem!

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