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Pan & Regaliz (spa great psych prog 1971)

Pan & Regaliz - Pan & Regaliz

Bellissimo disco!ancora gemme per voi!mi piace l'impostazione di questo disco...
una sorta di prog tranquilla alla jethro tull basata su una solida sezione flauto che rende moltissimo nel brano.
però non confondetevi a mio avviso i j.t. erano più sul versante folk prog rispetto a questo gruppo e anzi anche ad un ascolto
approfondito non si riconosce lo stile "spagnolo" tipico di altri dischi!consigliato!

If you're expecting any Spanish cultural references (like Triana, Ibio, Mezquita, etc.), you won't find it here. What you get is basically early prog that leans more on the psychedelic side (though recorded in 1971, it has a more late '60s sound to it), with surprisingly a strong hippie vibe. if no one told you they were from Spain, you could be easily fooled for perhaps certain British or German bands,as mentioned about their description up above. There are a lot of strange effects to go with the music that make me think alittle of the Krautrock bands that existed at the time. The vocals are in English, but are surprisingly good!
I have the CD-R in which the track listings are supposedly messed-up. I've heard the music being described as a like Jethro Tull's Stand Up under the influence of LSD. I can understand the LSD part, the Jethro Tull part, not so sure. Alfonso Bou's (I guess) vocals at times does remind me a bit of Ian Anderson at times. Certainly Guillermo Paris played flute, but certainly not in the style of Ian Anderson. The flute playing reminds me of the New York Jewish psych/prog band based in Germany called Sweet Smoke. Anyway, let's get with the music: many of the songs seem to have that repetitive nature, like "I Can Fly", "When You Bring Down" and "Today It is Raining", but in a good way. Some of the songs have more jazzy leanings, like "One More Day". A totally killer album, how did these guys do it under the Franco regime? Probably by sneaking it under his nose and made sure the government never found out. One song I can live without however is "A Song For the Friends".It's crap. It sounds like 1930s cocktail lounge music that should have been thrown in the trash. They should've used that space for another song like the rest.Forget "A Song for the Friends", because this is truly one of the great, but totally forgotten gems of prog/psych!


Agamenon - todos rien de mi - [1975]
[Spa prog psychedelic rock vinyl rip]

Agamenon - Todos Rien de Mi

Gruppo spagnolo che ci propone una musica acida psych molto bella!purtroppo il rip è da vinile ma si può ascoltare fidatevi!ci sono molto bei momenti (consiglio la traccia numero1) con una alternanza maschio femmina nel cantato che non toglie valore all'album!a voi!


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