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Back Door - Back Door (superb fusion-jaz-prog1972)

Very innovative, sort of like Ornette Coleman meets Delta Blues with some incredibly creative bass playing by one Colin Hodgkinson (who plays full chords and melodies in addition to grooving). Some of his playing pre-figures Victor Wooten by a couple decades almost.
Released by the band on the Blakey label in 1972 and then re-released by Warner
in 1973, this instrumental album is impressive from start to finish, and a veritable catalog of bass guitar technique. Asbery's funky sax and flute work leaves the bottom end completely open to the bass guitar, and Hodgkinson's use of strummed chords is ably backed by his bandmates on the squalling opener "Vienna Breakdown." The mel-low fon-kay bass solo, "Lieutenant Loose," makes effective use of ringing open strings, while "Slivadiv" is a fret-hammering delight. If you're a bassist, be forewarned: listening to this album is a deeply humbling experience.
AMG Review: Review by Paul Collins


Back Door - 8th Street Nites(1974)

Just brilliant, almost as good as the first lp (Back Door) and in some ways better. Colin Hodgkinson's very occasional vocals are a bit white-boy-blues, but you can tell he means well; in any event it is really an instrumental set, and both the playing and compositions are topnotch. Some of themes have been playing on my head-radio for over twenty years now - this is no flash in the pan here today gone tomorrow rubbish.
Get it, do. And get their much later sets ASKIN' THE WAY and HUMAN BED while you're about it. BACK DOOR were just great - one of my favorite bands of any genre.


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It should be noted that the CD issue of the 'Back Door' album reverses the running order of the original LP's sides but doesn't adjust the listed tracks to reflect this. Therefore, Tracks 1-6, as heard on the disc, are really titles 7-12 as listed on the cover, and vice-versa. For example, the "mel-low fon-kay bass solo" is actually titled 'Cacote Rag', not 'Lieutenant Loose'. This seems to be sowing confusion among new-comers to the music of Back Door - one of my all-time famorite bands, too.

Thanks for spreading the word about them, thanks for running an excellent blog, and if you happen to run across the two subsequent BD albums "Another Fine Mess" and "Activate", that'd be super.

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