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vi posto ancora della roba tedesca!nel dettaglio il disco dei trice mice è un ottimo esempio del tipico krautsound mentre gli A.V. sono un gruppo che ha proposto un miscela folk molto godibile, discorso opposto per i walpurgis che hanno "menato"!sono un gruppo che si accosta molto di più ad un hard rock mescolato col prog piuttosto che col tipico krautsound(per la verità facendo un po' troppa confusione...)...a voi!

Aigues Vives - Water of Seasons (1970 krautfolk)

Aigues Vives - Water of Seasons

Thrice Mice - Thrice Mice(1970 kraut-prog)

Thrice Mice - Thrice Mice

This singular album by Hamburg based band THRICE MICE is a nice example of early Krautrock exhibiting influences by Blodwyn Pig and Curved Air, both bands they’re paying tribute to by cover versions added up on the CD re-release. After some local success and a gig on legendary Fehmarn festival in 1970 (where Jimi Hendrix gave his last concert) they disbanded in 1972 when Rainer von Gosen decided to leave. His brother Werner and Karl-Heinz Blumenberg continued their progressive jazz-rock style with the band ALTONA.
Thrice Mice which grew up from a beat school band originally presented here a quite noteable and for those days very unique blend of jazz elements, influences from classical themes and heavy rock using some technical sound effects that bring HAWKWIND into one’s mind. Although the four compositions are basically rather melodic and straightforward they’re highly enriched by improvising solos, intricate dual sax playing and use of big band-alike brass. The classically inspired "Vivaldi" was quite a big success for them when they played it live (can be heard as well on the CD release). Each one of the other three tracks is based on either a particular theme or story. "Jo Joe" is about someone’s idiosyncratic philosophy, “Pancy Desiree” is inspired by Joachim Ringelnatz’s novel "Fancy Desire" and "Torekov" is telling the very personal experiences of some band members with a Finnish girl on a camp tour in Sweden.
Overall this album is a quite unique and noteworthy one, certainly not to be considered essential but anyway good. Highly recommended to collectors of rare and obscure German progressive albums!

Walpurgis - Queen of Saba(1972-kraut-artrock)

Walpurgis - Queen of Saba


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Misongod ha detto...

Hi.I am looking for swiss band BLUE MOTION.If you have it,please upload.I´d be very grateful if this could be done in the near future.
Many thanks.

Anonimo ha detto...

Thanks a lot,Betelgeuse!The post is fantastic!Eric.

Fabio Brasil ha detto...

I've downloaded some great records from your blog: Mánar, Eik, Ragnarok, Autumn Breeze etc...Just fantastic!
Please,if you can don't use this Link Protector!!It's impossible to download this Aigues Vives album...and it seems very interesting...
Many thanks

Betelgeuse ha detto...

i've checked this album and the protection and seems to be all ok...btw you can try to allow cookie from your website to bypass protection. In a near future i'll post album "gipsy queen".

the album you searchin' for is just uploaded, i must only prepare whole post...

Fabio ha detto...

Very good this Aigues Vives album.Fine melodies, tasteful playing.That's really German 70's sound!!
Many Thanks.

evergreen0321 ha detto...

I am your blog's fan.
Can you re-up Austria prog band Orange Power?
The link is dead,I really wanna hear this.

Betelgeuse ha detto...

Hi evergreen!
at the moment i haven't any link of orange power (due deleter's work) but i'll try to fix it very soon!

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