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Edgar Froese (superb kraut exp. synt prog)
Edgar Froese - Aqua

Edgar Froese - Aqua

It's amazing to read critics from people that doesn't listen to the music with "open ears", needless to say with "open minds".
Aqua is a piece of avant-garde music made in 1974 and certainly it's an aural experience to hear it. And if you compare to what others were doing at that time, you'll notice how Edgar Froese (or Tangerine Dream) were those days well ahead of time.
Boring ? maybe boring to someone with a dumb mind stuck to mass-media top 100 kind of stuff. For me it's not boring at all to hear it and to feel it.
Edgar Froese - Epsilon in Malaysian Pale (masterpiece!)

Edgar Froese - Epsilon in Malaysian Pale

Epsilon In Malaysian Pale was recorded over June and July of 1975 in Berlin, much at the same time as David Bowie's experimental works took flight. The album was, and is, nothing like Edgar Froese's cold and sparse debut and instead embraces warm and uplifting sounds courtesy of various strings combined with a wash of hazy mellotron and a touch of flute.
The album is divided into two tracks, both just surpassing the quarter of an hour mark and the title track opens before Maroubra Bay, the better of the two pieces closes the record out. Both tracks follow a similar ambient pattern, and both are rather more ambient than electronic which is a nice change of pace and sound, and this is by far one of my favourite Tangerine Dream related albums from the 1970’s. In a way I wish more of their output had been like this.

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Residentevil2 ha detto...

Thank you bud this is good.Great band post by Andre I already had but great post.

Anonimo ha detto...

Andre,thanks a lot!
Edgar Froese it´s amazing,rare to find.
Thanks for another kraut-gem!
Long live ORION AWAKES!!

Anonimo ha detto...

both great albums.
do you have the original version of 'macula transfer'? not the current re-recorded version.

DJ Doughtray ha detto...

just stumbled onto your site, thanks a million for these!

DJ Dough Tray ha detto...

I'm enjoying Aqua a lot right now, thank you for these awesome albums that I would never have heard otherwise.

Soca Toa ha detto...

i've been waiting soooo long to find these on mp3, thanks!

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