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Claude Léveillée - Black Sun(1978)

Claude Léveillée - Black Sun

When one thinks of prog rock from Canada, one might think of Rush, Saga, or FM. Now let me add on Quebec's Claude Léveillée. Here's a guy I know very little of, and he seems to be known only in French-Canadian circles. He seemed to have quite a prolific recording career stretching back to the early '60s. But with his 1978 album Black Sun, he went the prog rock route, with him on piano, and Michel LeFrançois handling the synthesizers, with help from a drummer and bassist. No, this isn't what I call a mindblowing prog rock album, but if you like instrumental prog rock in the vein of many French artists you might find on the Musea label, you might enjoy this album. And if you're not too gung-ho about Rush because they're too metal, or Saga because they're too mainstream, you won't have a problem with this album, as it stick strictly in the late '70s prog rock vein. Nice album, but not essential.

Since I did this review, I found several Quebec prog rock albums that totally blow Black Sun right out of the water, and that is the self-entitled 1976 album from Et Cetera, and both albums from Sloche, J'un Oeil (1975) and Stadacone (1976). While Black Sun isn't bad, these aformentioned albums and bands are the ones you should try first (I understand some of the stuff from Maneige and Harmonium are excellent too).
Mona Lisa - Le petit Violon de Mr. Gregoire(1976)

Mona Lisa - Le petit Violon de Mr. Gregoire

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