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Symphonic Slam!!!(superb canadian prog)
Vi propongo questi 2 album provenienti dalla porzione "inglese" del Canada, sono molto buoni anche se non trascendentali ma vi garantisco chi il risultato sarà apprezzato!!!
Symphonic Slam - Symphonic Slam(1976)

Symphonic Slam - Symphonic Slam

Canadian band formed in Toronto. This, their debut was a pretty decent slice of 70s space rock/prog, with a funky groove.
The band was; Timo Laine-360 systems polyphonic guitar synth/vocals, David Stone-Keyboards/background vocals, John Lowry-Drums/background vocals.
This LP was hailed as being one of the 1st ever guitar synthesizer albums. Timo Laine helps give this a very dark and ominous presence at times, and there are some very original and unique sounds happening here.
Keyboard player, David Stone is an incredibly talented player in his own right, and is classically trained. He went on to replace Tony Carey in 'Rithcie Blackmore's Rainbow'. Hard to believe this is the same guy that later played on 'Rainbow' classics like 'Long Live Rock and Roll' and 'Kill the King', but it's really him!
Sometimes it may be hard for the average listener to distinguish between Timos guitar synth, and Davids Keyboards.
I was fortunate enough to see Symphonic Slam on three different occasions in Toronto, and I've always felt that David Stone could have made at least one really good solo album.
Each live show they performed, David would go into a 20 minute solo, displaying his massive keyboard arsenal, and his vituosity. Very much in the same vein as Rick Wakeman.
On this LP he almost takes back seat to Timo, which is understandable.
This is sounding like a David Stone review, Sorry Timo!
Synphonic Slam's music was much better live back in 1976, than on this album.
Anyways, these guys made some pretty good music together, and though it may not come close to many other prog bands achievments, it's still worth checking out.
Symphonic Slam - Timo SS II (1978)
(as Timo Laine - Symphonic Slam)

Symphonic Slam - Timo SS II (as Timo Laine - Symphonic Slam)

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andre ha detto...

Two good Albums,Thanks

Anonimo ha detto...

thanks for the 2nd LP

V ! ha detto...

Thank you for Timo SS II !!

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