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Audience!!!(Superb prog rock)
Audience - Audience(1969)
Audience - Audience
My favorite AUDIENCE!A great first album witch gives you one pearl after the other...wonderfull songs done in a unique manner,dynamic Rock tunes without any heavy Audience - Lunchguitar,remembers me always a little bit like minstrel-tunes mixed with Jazzrock-brass influence!Sugar - and an all time great!

Audience - Friend's Friend's Friend(1970)
Audience - Friend's Friend's Friend
Another Masterpiece of a extraordinary Band!!Including their 45"Hit" Belladonna Moonshine!But the best track for me is Friends,Friends,Friends witch shows Audience at their Best.Tunes of ancient Minstrel Times brought to Rock n Roll without any havy guitar nevertheless high Energy Folk Rock-I think everyone who likes the old Gabriel-Genesis stuff or Jethro Tull or Strawbs would like this Band; so if you don´t know this record you must try it immediatly,it will bring you some Pearls in your Amp you never forgett-Try!!!

Audience - Lunch(1972)
Audience - Lunch

This album is a hidden gem. Although House on the Hill is their most noted album (and in my opinion probably their best), Lunch has much to offer in a varierty of musical styles. These guys always have a touch of humour in their lyrics, and the lyrics are brilliant at times. Trombone Gulch is one such example, In Accord another. Add top notch musicianship to the mix and you have a delightful menu of music and fun.
My personal favourites: Stand By the Door, In Accord (awesome), Thunder and Lightning, Trombone Gulch, and Buy Me an Island.

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