lunedì, novembre 24, 2008

French prog!!!
Ho poco tempo ma vi consiglio una canzone...ascoltate l'intro dei clivage (Moving waves)...personalmente mi ha impressionato per la bellezza!!!sembra di vedere le onde del mare durante la notte!
Clivage - Regina astris(1973great etno-prog)
Clivage - Regina astris

Nice ambient ethnic music, similar to bands such as Aktuala, Yatha Sidhra, and Opium Haydn. It is quite accessible for this kind of music; featuring mostly easy-to-recognise instruments and harmonies. A bit uneventful, I must say. Since it's quite easy to get into, you expect more to happen. Still, recommended.

Falstaff - Prononcez x(1981 prog)

Falstaff - Prononcez x

4 commenti:

Anonimo ha detto...

Great blog! Thanks for all the have quite a few releases that I have never even heard of.................much appreciated.

Any chance you could post some Opium Haydn? It would be very much appreciated.


Betelgeuse ha detto...

hi frank!mmm...i don't know this band but i'll try to help you!

Rochacrimson ha detto...

Excellent french prog!
Superb albums!

nichrus ha detto...

Thank you mighty Betelgeuse so much!

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