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Julian Jay Savarin - Waiters on the Dance(1971superb heavy prog)
Julian Jay Savarin - Waiters on the Dance
Julian Jay Savarin was an author who also recorded some music in the early '70s. First he formed a group with Australian singer Cathy Pruden called Julian's Treatment and released an album called A Time Before This in 1970, but the group quickly broke up. He decided to record that followup under his own name, with new female vocalist Lady Jo Meek (sister of Catapilla's Anna Meek, Jo was also briefly in Catapilla, before being replace by Anna since Jo ended up with Savarin). Waiters on the Dance is that album, I've seen sources say this album was released in 1969, 1971, or 1973. 1969 is obviously doubtful, since Catapilla didn't even exist then, and 1973 seemed a bit late, but 1971 seems about right, since when Jo Meek left Catapilla, she was replaced by her sister, and went to Julian Jay Savarin. So Lady Jo Meek isn't Lady Anna Jo Meek (I happen to own a German CD reissue of the self-entitled 1971 Catapilla album that stated that Jo and Anna were sisters, not the same person as stated too often).

Anyway, I really think this album completely blows Julian's Treatment right out of the water. Yes, there's still that Julian's Treatment sound (no surprise there), because of Julian's organ work, and Jo Meek vocals sounding like a more aggressive Cathy Pruden, but the music is more aggressive in general, with heavy guitar work, and that wonderful cosmic organ, without so much of that "groovy '60s sound" of Julian's Treatment. I really love this heavy approach I thought was sorely lacking in Julian's Treatment. Also I like how Julian included some Mellotron in his arsenal, as demonstrated on "Child of the Night 1 & 2", "The Death of Alda" and "Dance of the Golden Flamingoes". It's nice to see to see a nice improvement over A Time Before This, and I highly recommend this album.

A-Austr - Musics From Holy Ground(1970uk psych prog)

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