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Salve a tutti!
ho postato questo disco grazie al link che ho ricevuto da un mio amico e spero vi piaccia anche se è rippato da vinile! la musica proposta è un sanissimo hard rock statunitense dei primi anni 70 (1971) e ci sono molte canzoni che meritano ("lone soul road","starlight","love over you" sono molto belle!) Penso che postarlo contribuisca a non farlo cadere nel dimenticatoio quindi...a voi!
Today's post is this great hard rock album! One friend of mine sent to me the link for posting this album (i think it's vinyl rip...-192kb) because he thinks it's hard to find it...(In Italy it's not's impossible!)
review by Jan
Mindfuck biker stupe-rock from the early 70's, the Fyre were a three piece 'grunt' rock band with cheap guitars, thundering drums, wasted bass, and a shitload of microdot and cheap speed. Like Wicked Lady or a third rate Black Sab, these guys were constantly in danger of going one-hit-of-clear-windowpane too far and falling off the edge for good. You already know if this is your kind of thing or not, but if you are a cosmonaut of the armchair variety, let me gently push you in the right direction. Unlike, say, The Beatles, whose acid world was made of plasticine flowerz, these guys' walls were made out of coarse sandpaper. Clue: the drummer's name is "Sharples". Open wide and stick yr. tongue out, it's time to take a (t)rip.

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sorbus ha detto...

Just listened to first four tracks of Homer I was groovin along was Dawson Creek on American TV that Early:
Yet it was mentioning Canada so I took it to be be about Dodging the Draft Then on Came Survivor a Whole New Ball Game Different thing altogether so sweet Guitar but that refrain "everyone`s gone" It just freaked Me Then The way it ends
I just had to stop listening Superb
when An Album Track Can on First Hearing Just grab the cojones I`m both dreading yet slavering with anticipation at what further Suprises Homer has in Store There is a New Kid in the Collection tonight and His Name is Homer thanks Orion for bringing us together I Think LOL No seriously Thanks for the intro

muzicprog ha detto...

What amazing record. hard-psych rock with a soft taste "rural rock from USA". In some parts this record remind me a FAT (USA 1970) but HOMER got more resources and got a synthesizer and his sound reach another dimension.
Thanks for to share this music.
to share= to love.

adamus67 ha detto...

The band were from New Jersey.
TOMM NARDI bs, vcls A
GREG OHM gtr, vcls A
BOB SHARPLES drms, perc A
1(A) SAINTE ANTHONY'S FYRE (Zonk ZP 001) 1971
NB: (1) has been counterfeited on vinyl (Breeder RPR 004-IC-563) and reissued on CD. Reissued officially on vinyl (Void ) 2001.
An unexceptional hard rock guitar driven album. The guitar's OK but the material is very unimaginative with Lone Soul Road probably the pick of a poor bunch. More an album for hard rock fans than garage or psych enthusiasts. Sounds like the fire's gone out!

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