sabato, dicembre 27, 2008

Super prog!!!!!!
Pentwater - Out Of The Abyss(usa 1976)
Pentwater - Out Of The Abyss
A 6-piece ensemble from Chicago -Illinois, in the vein of Yes, performing such a good progressive rock in the late seventies, with a touch of Gentle Giant and also a remarkable use of vocals ...They are inferior than for example Babylon, Mirthrandir or Yezda Urfa, regarding of such derivative bands performing in the same period, but anyway this album is very interesting!! Recommended!!

Polestar 1 - Flying Thru the Universe(usa??? 1980)

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haloda ha detto...

A very good album with killer guitar. Grab it!

andre ha detto...

Hello Betelgeuse
Thanks for the Great Polestar 1 Album.Greatings

nichrus ha detto...

I'm your mate now senior Betelgeuse!

Misongod ha detto...

Thank you
Do you have others US bands like
Aura-s/t (71)
Cristal Haze-s/t(74)
Earwacks-Distances (81)

Thank you for all good music

Betelgeuse ha detto...

i should have aura 1971 (it's a funky prog this??)

Misongod ha detto...

Well,i do not have the certainty.
Take a look,please:
Be patient.Thanx a lot

Betelgeuse ha detto...

i need to check...yes, is this.
well i need also a little time to prepare the post!;)

Misongod ha detto...

Ok mate.
No hurry, i wait ´til you have free time.
Thanx a lot

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