lunedì, gennaio 07, 2008

Hi folks!
How are you!All fine, i'm sure!!!:)
well i recieved this comment and i'm glad to promote this band!
this is the original comments...!

We are WE’RE LATE FOR CLASS, an independent improv band that gives away our music. We’ve just released our 20th post, A Collection, and it features our best work from the last year.
We’re writing you in hopes that you might post our new album on your fine blog. It would mean a lot to us to reach your wider audience... and to just be acknowledged by other bloggers like yourself would be a treat. Here’s a link to get all of the codes for the cool animated cover and full album MP3 player, should you like to post them for your readers...

please take a listen!!!!

2 commenti:

We're Late For Class ha detto...

Hey Betelgeuse,

Thanks a million. We really appreciate the support. All the best to you.

buddyrayx ha detto...

excellent! REALLY puts me 'out there'! thanks

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