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Grin - Grin (1971 usa rock)
Grin - Grin

Only 19 when this was released, Nils Lofgren exploded out of the gate with an album that is arguably as strong as anything he would do, ever. I have to give some credit to Bob Berberich. While only having a career that was some 30 albums shorter than Nils he proved to be a good balance vocally often trading leads that added a dimension that always seemed missing on Lofgren's solo endeavors.

But it's really about Nils as he writes every song and plays all guitars and keyboards. He doesn't dwell on one style as each song veers to a different tempo, or intensity never sounding repetitious or juvenile. Greats song in the beginning with "Like Rain" and "See What Love Can Do" and songs no less inferior with the sizzling "Direction" and respectable "Open Wide" closing it out are in fact just samples of an album with very little noticeable filler.

There was just a enormous amount of good music coming out in the early '70's and it was a shame that great albums like this were getting buried underneath the hype.

Grin - All Out(1973)
Grin - All Out
From what I've read so far there is yet another really good album from the early 70's that is not getting its due. Nils had matured to the age of 18 for his third effort with Grin. I will only agree with the detractors that it may a little different from the first two, but I find myself screaming to the music lovers out there "WAKE UP" this album is fucking great! Nils blends ample layers of guitars along with some good piano on just about every song. Even the very weakest songs like "Don't Be Long" or "Love Again" are worth 3 1/2. The first side has "Heavy Chevy" and "She ain't Right". The second side is loaded with great tracks like "Love or Else", "Ain't Love Nice" and the flashy "Rusty Gun". Self indulgent? Get serious if you were 20 and had the talent Nils Lofgren had you would be a fool to hold back.


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