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Three-Headed Dog - Hound of Hades (1973 hard psych u.k.)
Three-Headed Dog - Hound of Hades


The Dog That Bit People - Dog That Bit People (1971)
The Dog That Bit People - Dog That Bit People
A great album by this obscure British band. It was originally released on the 'EMI Parlophone' label PCS 7125 in 1971, and recorded at the famed 'Abbey Road Studios'.
The group was comprised of: Bob Lamb(drums) Mick Hincks(bass) John Casswell(guitar/vocals) and Keith Millar(keyboards/vocals).

'The Dog That Bit People' was built around the remaining members of the awesome late 60's UK band 'Locomotive' after their dissolution.
Mick Hincks and Bob Lamb played on 'Locomotives' excellent 'We Are Everything You See' album, as well as working together in the prog/folk band 'Tea and Symphony'.

The music is a nice fusion of hard rock, blues, folk and psych with some really cool Hammond and Mellotron playing. Unfortunately this was the only output by the band, and the only member to really go on to anything worth mentioning was the drummer Bob Lamb. He wound up playing with the 'Steve Gibbons Band' and later tried his hand at producing and running his own recording studio. One of his better known production projects was UB40's first album 'Signing Off'.


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andre ha detto...

Hello Betelgeuse
Nice album the Three headed Dog.Thanks

yahwehfrk ha detto...

I just discovered your blog via "totally fuzzy". I am looking for postings you had "Eyes of Blue - In The Fields of Ardath" and Sopwith Camel". So forgive me if this is has already been mentioned in the past but these were posted last November. Are all the posts previous to january of this completely gone? Or is there some way to access them. Please let me know, thanks.

Bob Haldeman

Betelgeuse ha detto...

@ yahwehfrk
done ;)

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