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Spanish prog!!
Triana - El patio (1975 spain prog)
Triana - El patio

I never heard the name of this band before, probably they were mainly well-known in their country. So far I did not dive that deeply into the Spanish 70‘s prog, not that much as into the Italian one. Although there were a few very good bands like ATILA, MEZQUITA , GOTIC or BLOQUE, I’ve got to say many are too much rooted in flamenco, which is not so much my type of music and the vocals sound often too passionate, sentimental and bombastic, at least for my taste. TRIANA is not really disproving this cliche, because for me the portion of progressive elements in their music is not very high and I’m rather seduced to call it flamenco with some touch of progressive rock. EL PATIO, their debut is still probably one of their better efforts. But even here there are not many progressive moments to find apart of the first song, which is really a good one and maybe the last one, having good electric guitar and nice organ sound. But the songs between these two are mainly flamenco-based ones with passionate moaning vocals, quite nice to listen probably for anyone liking such kinda music, but I wouldn’t call it an essential record in progressive rock. So I think 3 1/2 stars is adequate for this album.

Abedul - Nosotros (1979)
Abedul - Nosotros

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