lunedì, ottobre 06, 2008

Hi to all folks...sorry for delay and for my slow answer bur i'm very busy and i still continue to have some problems with blogger...i start to think to change in the future the services for bloggin'...p.s. i'll try to fix my older post very check it...and let me know whatever you want...

German Oak - German Oak (1972 kraut)

German Oak - German Oak
This is dark, brooding psych/krautrock. The whole thing is more or less a guitar jam with heavy effects and intense drumming. It is much better than most krautrock you'll find out there. The version with the bonus tracks is recommended.

There aren't really any bad tracks. My only complaint is that it is essentially just a guitar jam session. It's nothing too inventive, but it is well done.

German Oak - Niebelungenlied(1972)

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