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Kaipa - Kaipa (1975 sweden prog)
Kaipa - Kaipa
Among all the albums by Kaipa, perhaps this is the most balanced one, very close to some of the solo works by Roine Stolte, without particular excesses and with a good taste as well...instead after this experience Roine began to explore new music fields, also within the jazz progressive style, but with controversial results. It's difficult to indicate such a particular song inside,however this stuff resumes the best music ideas, then taken again by "The Flower Kings", in a remarkable way,(even though sometimes -in other circumstances-you will find some less inspiring compositions), as referred rightly to the early material by Roine. "The Flower Kings" indeed performed such good and less good albums, so that for this reason alone, I should prefer listening to a good part of the early albums by Kaipa, than those ones by F.K. (with a few exceptions only)...
Make your choice!!

Kaipa - Solo (1978)
Kaipa - Solo

The third release from KAIPA and maybe their most complete work. Roine Stolt delivers here his great potential of composing and playing. Wonderful and colorful progressive recording, honest and well done. The first track Den skrattande grevinnan or in english the laughing countess, is the best from here, you could see haw easy they play, great ideas, well played. It's a shame that the later Kaipa albums don't reach the same value like this one or previous one from '76, but we have Solo and that is enough to erase the uninspired albums from nowadays of this scandinavian band. 4 stars recommended.

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