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Barde - Barde(1977 folk)
Barde - Barde

This quartet from Montreal was formed in 1975 and found their brand of Acadian & Celtic reels and jigs popular around the Maritimes, Quebec and overseas in Europe.

They released two albums on the Port Parole label - 'Barde' (1977) and 'Images' (1978) - before suffering a loss of personnel. By 1983's 'Voyage' for Polydor, MacRaghallaigh and Selick had left and the remaining members changed musical direction by incorporating keyboards bass and violin courtesy of studio musicians Joubert, Paquette, and Therrien.

Utilizing a twin Celtic fiddle sound, Guerin led a revamped Barde at the 10th Annual Winnipeg Folk Festival. The band finally disbanded for good shortly thereafter with Guerin marrying and settling in the St. Boniface region of Winnipeg. He became a disc jockey before becoming Artistic Director of The Winnipeg Folk Festival - a position he still holds.

Barde - Images (1978)

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